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Select Caribbean Properties is located between Cabarete and Sosua, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and specializes in property condos for sale and vacation rentals in the area.


Cabarete Beachfront Apartment Building

Because Cabarete provides a unique combination of relaxation and adventure, it appeals to a wide variety of sun-seekers. When in Cabarete, you will appreciate not only the beautiful landscape of the quaint Caribbean-style villages, but will also fall in love with the ingratiating climate and culture of the Dominican Republic that offers the perfect combination of sun, transparent waters, and tropical breezes.

Cabarete is conveniently located on the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic and is only 25 minutes away from the International Airport of Puerto Plata.

Cabarete has much to offer the adventurers at heart. With many activities to choose from such as windsurfing, kiteboarding (or kitesurfing), scuba diving, surfing, mountain biking, quad and horseback riding, it is not hard to understand why Cabarete is referred to as the windsurfing/kitesurfing and adventure capital of the Dominican Republic.

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Kiteboarding in Cabarete


Oceanview and beachfront condo in Cabarete

Cabarete beaches also provide a relaxing environment with soft golden sand and blue crystal waters, where the world-weary can easily forget about their troubles.

Cabarete nightlife is increasingly booming with a variety of restaurants, bars, discos, and casinos for its residents and visitors alike to choose from.

Owning an ocean-view condo or beachfront villa in Cabarete is ideal, for the carefree lifestyle will enable you to enjoy all that the area truly has to offer.

The International Airport of Puerto Plata is only a few minutes from the town, which is situated centrally on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Cabarete Condos

Cabarete is a small town with just one street, the ocean on one side, and a lagoon on the other. Given the relative space limitations, many developers build condos (both affordable and luxury condos Cabarete center) while villas are typically developed on the outskirts of Cabarete.

Here are some examples of Cabarete condos for sale:
New Condo-Townhouse in Cabarete for sale
Affordable Cabarete Beachfront Condo
Luxury Boutique Condominiums in Cabarete are waiting for you
Cabarete Beachfront and Oceanfront Condo

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