Dominican Republic Farms and Farmland for Sale

Select Caribbean Properties is located between Sosua and Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and we really enjoy showing farms in the area of Cabarete, Cabrera, Rio San Juan, Jamao al Norte,  and Sosua.

The purchase of farmland by foreigners in the Dominican Republic, where ownership and operation of the agricultural property are not only possible but encouraged is a growing trend. There are many beautiful farms for sale in the areas of Rio San Juan and Cabrera, of varying sizes, suitable for different uses. Typically, a single farm might provide for a small herd of dairy cows, a fish-farm, plantain production and some acres in melons, cocoas or pineapples.

The soil is well-drained and rich, of volcanic origin. A wide variety of crops flourishes on Dominican farms. These include bulk crops like sugarcane and rice in the lowlands and various tubers, bananas, plantains, avocados, citrus, melons and pineapples on up-country farms. Luxurious dark cocoa and world-class Arabic coffee grow at higher altitudes, warmed by the tropical sun and benefiting from abundant rainfall in many areas.

Farmland in Jamao al Norte , Dominican Republic

Farmland in the mountain of Jamao al Norte, Dominican Republic

That same rich earth may also support farms dedicated to the raising and nurturing of animals. Beef cattle ranching is widespread in the country as is dairy farming. Other properties specialize in equestrian breeding and training, some producing world renowned Paso fino horses. Other farm raised animals seen in the Dominican Republic include goats, sheep, poultry, and pigs. An unusual but increasingly popular form of farming today involves the raising of edible fish, such as Tilapia, Swai, or sweet-water shrimp.

Dominican Republic Farm For Sale Jamao Al Norte

Citrus Fields on Farm in Jamao al Norte

With almost 30% of the total land area of the country suitable for crop production and about 17% of the labor force engaged in farming, agriculture remains the primary occupation of the Dominican population. For a person or group considering a farm, the Dominican Republic is a natural choice, being blessed by nature’s abundance and populated by a friendly, eager people skilled in most aspects of land use. Select Caribbean Properties is well equipped to assist you in finding the right land to practise sustainable farming.

We at Select Caribbean have found the lushest and fruitful farms that the Dominican Republic’s north coast has to offer.

Farms are the ideal place for those who seek a tranquil and private lifestyle while still keeping busy.
Building a magnificent villa on a property such as a farm would bring you ample land with gorgeous views in a variety of country settings that only the Dominican Republic can offer.

From gentleman farms to working ranches, we try to find the best available. We have found perfect situations for many clients who desire that tranquil lifestyle and privacy that farms provide.

Dominican Republic Farm For Sale Jamao Al Norte

Tropical Farm for horse lovers with a beautiful home in Jamao Al Norte