Exploring Diving Options in the Caribbean

Caribbean DivingExploring Diving in the Caribbean!

The turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean have enticed tourists from all over the world for decades with its great natural beauty. With an abundance of marine life, including a huge variety of beautiful corals and fish, clear, warm water, and gentle currents, the Caribbean is a diver’s paradise. And no place in the Caribbean is better for diving than St. Vincent.

St. Vincent is the largest island in the island chain of the Grenadines, located near St. Lucia. With a population just shy of 120,000, the islands are scarcely populated and almost pristine in their natural glory. Few tourists take the time to hop over to St. Vincent, which has made this island the perfect place to relax and enjoy the idyllic, exotic life of the Caribbean.

The capital of St. Vincent is Kingstown. Few international flights land directly in St. Vincent. Most tourists prefer to take a ferry from nearby islands in Grenada. Tours to the islands can be booked through local tour operators and various travel companies.

The islands are most famous for spectacular cruises and their excellent diving opportunities. When you combine the peaceful, calm life of a small, pristine Caribbean island and gentle blue waters bounding with life, you can some of the best diving waters on the planet. The economy of the islands is inherently dependent on tourism, most of which is centered around diving.

From the main town of Kingstown, you can hire diving tours that will take you to popular diving spots off the coast of the islands. These tours are operated by experienced locals who know all the best diving regions around St. Vincent. More often than not, these tour operators have agreements with hotels, so you can arrange a diving expedition right from your hotel room.

Many tour operators will offer full-service packages: i.e. premium drinks, meal plans, pickup and drop facilities, even airport transfer, water sports and unlimited shore diving. The cost of a typical diving tour ranges from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollar packages that include hotel stay with buffet meals.

Dive in the CaribbeanSt. Vincent and the Grenadines are a total of 32 islands, and most tours will take you around all the major landmarks dotting the islands. There are caves and caverns, coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks to explore in the waters off St. Vincent. You can get lessons from the tour operators, and it is easy enough for an experienced swimmer to start diving on his own.

When picking a diving tour operator, try to choose one that is affiliated to the REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation), which works closely with environmental agencies to ensure the preservation of marine habitats. This will make sure that your diving activities are regulated and will not disturb the natural equilibrium of the islands.

Advice for Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad or Relocating to the Dominican Republic

There are so many things that are now available going from one country to another. This had made traveling for fun a lot more common and affordable. This has also made the decision of moving to a different country a lot easier travelers like me.

Relocating to different countries for a couple of times is definitely a learning experience. So if you are thinking about making the Dominican Republic your new home I can give you some advice on how you can do it and how to make the transition easier once you are there. They might seem basic, but they are also effective.

Two Bedroom Home Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Beautiful Beach along the north shore

Let’s start with 4 tips for making the move to another country a lot smoother:

1) After you have chosen a place, you want to live in for the next couple of years. And this might sound extremely obvious! But learn the language before you move if you decide to do it once you are there transition will be a lot harder.

2) Then you have the problem of choosing the house you want in the town, city or region you chose. The best advice that can be given to anyone looking for a house in a new country is: Find a rental first. This allows you to take the time to learn about the neighborhood, decide if you like it, and to even keep on searching for a better house.

3) Take your time to pack. Don’t leave this incredibly important task for the last minute. This will give you time to organize your stuff properly and to decide what you really need to take with you and how you are going to get it there. Plus it takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

4) Another important thing you should do is learn about the local laws. This involves a lot of research but you should know the basics of what is considered bad but especially about the taxes. Also, do some research about the local culture. Sometimes things that you consider normal can be bad for them.

Here are 4 more tips you can use to start making yourself at home and getting used to a new country:

1) Since you have already researched the place you moved to you already have an idea of places you like. So visit them, explore the place, take your time and truly make the place your home. This is a place you chose to live in, so don’t see things as a tourist, truly appreciate it.

2) As you explore the place to start meeting new people, be friendly. You can start by having a short but pleasant conversation with the person from the neighborhood store, talk to someone in the park. Becoming a part of the community is really important.

3) Since you are starting over in a new place, why don’t you try changing some things in your routine? Think of the things you were doing wrong and take the opportunity to change them. This will make your time in your new home unique and unforgettable.

4) Finally, attend the local cultural festivities. It is another great and fun way of learning about the people and to meet locals. You can go to music festivals or visit a theater to enjoy the most recent play.

Some of these might seem obvious but when planning such an important event we tend to forget about them. So keep them in mind. This can be one of the best experiences of your life, so don’t let stress take over; enjoy every step of the way and good luck.