Cabarete’s Unique Sailing Venue

The charming seaside resort town of Cabarete has become a unique world-class sailing venue in recent years.

The north coast of the Dominican Republic sits right in a zone of constant breezes known as the Northeast Tradewinds. These winds are steady and constant, particularly in the Bay of Cabarete. Because of the way the sea and land affect each other, wind strength varies during a typical day. In the morning, winds are usually light while afternoons bring stronger winds. This is due to warm air rising over the island as afternoons progress, pulling in cool ocean air to replace it. The warmer the day, the more likely winds will strengthen in the afternoon.

Some years ago, an Internationally-ranked Laser sailor started the Cabarete Laser Training Center. Located right on the beach, the facility offers sales and rentals of various watercraft and forms a base for local and visiting sailors who want to sail in the challenging waters of Cabarete Bay. Throughout the year, the Training Center offers sail training to various levels of racing sailors. The advanced clinics feature some former and current Olympic competitors as coaches or participants. Each January, the Caribbean Midwinter Regatta, a unique sailing venue, attracts Laser sailors from all over the world for a week of clinics and racing in beautiful Cabarete.

Carib Wind Opti Club | Cabarete | DR

Children sailing, Cabarete Bay

There are more than a dozen Lasers at the Training center, some privately owned and some available for rental or lessons. In addition, there are Hobie Catamarans and a few larger day sailing boats available for rental and instruction. A recent addition to the Cabarete sailing scene is the Children’s Sailing Program. Sailed in Optimists, the international youth training boat, the program alternates between Cabarete on calm days and the nearby River Yasica where the kids can enjoy good breezes and flat water. There are currently 16 kids between 7 and 13 participating in this popular, fun program with a waiting list of a dozen. More clinics are planned in the near future, including beginning youth racing

Sailing is many things to many people. We have in Cabarete every kind of sailor imaginable. They sail all kinds of wind-powered craft from Kiteboards to windsurfers to traditional sailboats. We have world champions and circumnavigators. We also have those fortunate people who sail for the pure joy of being close to nature.

Recently, a Cabarete man was sailing just outside the barrier reef near Cabarete. He was enjoying the company of two good friends who were visiting from Maine. The wind was light and the day bright and sparkling. And if that were not enough, a 45-foot humpback whale surfaced near their boat.  She had a young calf, born just a couple of months before, and was teaching her baby how to handle the waves of the open ocean. After a magical 10 minutes, the sailboat and the whales parted company with the sailboat returning to its home at the Laser Training Center while the whales headed off north to distant New England.

Cabarete Carib Wind Opti Club | La Boca | Dom.Rep.

At La Boca – Sailing Classes

La Boca, Dominican Republic

Carib Wind Opti Club

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Children’s Sailing Club

Dominican Republic Condo Market

Four compelling reasons to enter the Dominican Republic condo market this year!

Making any decision around buying real estate takes time and research. We understand the decision because we have been there. We often receive a wide variety of questions and queries around real estate buying and selling in general. However, one of the most common questions that often come to us is the value of buying condos in the Dominican Republic. Condos are a popular real estate choice in many areas of the world for reasons such as convenience and security. However, there are additional reasons that make buying a condo in the Dominican Republic a wise and solid investment.

Ocean One, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Pool at Ocean One in Cabarete

1. With a high rental market, a condo is a fabulous investment to be used as both a short or long term rental property.

The quality of condo renters in areas with high international visitors such as the Dominican Republic is reassuring. Short term renters are most often families and/or couples that are simply looking for a safe and relaxing vacation destination. Many of those same visitors enjoy returning to the community time and again. Long term renters (commonly considered to be three to six months +) are quite often working professionals who are location independent. Many of them are homeowners in their own countries and are simply looking for an extended stay in a vibrant and exciting location. For those investors who are still working but want to have some place to return to consistently, renting a condo provides great peace of mind and return on investment.

Penthouse For Sale, Sosua Dominican Republic

Roof Terrace of Penthouse

2. Beach Front property is desirable and a condo affords that opportunity with the peace of mind of security and safety.

Living on the beach is a romantic ideal, but for many homeowners, the reality is that they need to carefully consider safety – especially if they are not on site full time. Condo properties on the north coast have 24-hour security and many of them have numerous security personnel throughout the property, ensuring peace of mind for residents. In particular, the Sosua and Cabarete areas have great infrastructure. This includes everything from great road, excellent private health care, and a consistent law enforcement presence available 24-7. Condo ownership allows for worry free experience anywhere, especially in the Dominican Republic. Each condo development that Select Caribbean Properties works with has established, trustworthy security and property management professionals. They understand the interests and concerns of condo owners and have a long history of happy residents and owners.

Select Caribbean Properties client, Dominican Republic

Happy clients and Sabine from Select Caribbean Properties

3. The Dominican Republic has been repeatedly cited as a hot market for real estate in the Caribbean.

The reasons for this are numerous, but the most popular aspects that are being pointed out is that property is still at an affordable market value. With a strong tourism industry and strengthening the economy, the Dominican Republic is gaining popularity as the world is taking notice of the potential.

4. The Dominican government welcomes international investors.

In fact, they go beyond welcoming them. A foreign investment law acted in December 1995 allows unlimited foreign investment in nearly all sectors of the economy. In 1997 the government established the Office of Investment Promotion (OPI) which is proving to be an important contact for potential investors. Today, twenty years later, we are seeing the fruits of those decisions as Cabarete, Sosua, and the surrounding area is continuing to grow, prosper and enjoy the benefits of being a vibrant community filled with friendly and outgoing residents.

Do you want to be one of them? Contact us today to discover the potential of becoming a condo owner in the Dominican Republic.