Here’s Why Sosua and Cabarete are the Jewels of the Dominican Republic

Sosua & Cabarete are more than just towns on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. They are filled with an allure that continues to entice visitors and residents from around the globe.

People may first choose to visit Sosua and Cabarete for the weather or the promise of an adventure. However, they soon realize that there is so much more to experience.

In fact, there’s something for everyone. From water sports and outdoor adventures to lazy afternoons in the shade of a palm tree, you can find it here. From quiet nights into dinner parties and dancing until dawn, the options are numerous.

The natural beauty and rhythm of the north coast are found in the people that visit and live here. This is a place like no other.

In fact, this video seems to capture that spirit of adventure in a unique way. Many people come here thinking they will find something new to discover in the world, and they do. However, many of them discover that there is always more to experience and enjoy that is waiting just around the corner.

Why not discover it for yourself?

At Select Caribbean, we welcome the chance to introduce others to our world here in Sosua and Cabarete. We live here and we love it! We also love to share this place with others and welcome you to our community of excitement and wonder.

Whether you are seeking the vacation of a lifetime or a new place to call home, we want to help make your dreams a reality, right here.

It’s time to say “hello” again

It’s time to say “hello” again to all of you, introducing myself, Sabine A. Mertes and Select Caribbean Properties.

Select Caribbean Properties which was founded in 2001. We offer all kinds of real estate from modest, tasteful homes in well-managed gated communities to large villas in the high-end projects. We list condominiums as well, of many, varied types.

Select Caribbean Properties - Dominican Republic

If you wish to own a farm Select Caribbean Properties lists dozens. Ranging in size from smaller properties perfect for a home and some medium to large, oceanfront or mountain farms with hundreds of acres suitable for ranching, agriculture, or residential/hotel development. The very best of all these real estate niches are to be found in the pages of the website

Select Caribbean Properties has very good working relationships with lawyers, surveyors, and town officials.

We can recommend architects and builders and suppliers of everything needed to create a home in this tropical paradise. We can even arrange to get your new farm fenced for horses while arranging that the grass of the farm’s pastures is optimized for them. In short, Select Caribbean Properties stands head and shoulders above most real estate companies in the area. The reasons are simple: honesty, a dedication to quality, and the desire to see each client satisfied with their purchase or sale.

Real Estate Company, Dominican Republic

The Name You Trust

My absolute passion is my horses.

I am living in the Dominican Republic since 1992 and I am still very happy on this beautiful island. I am enjoying the sun, the blue sky and the wonderful Atlantic ocean on the north shore every day. Life is different here. Outdoor activities are available the whole year like surfing, kite surfing, sailing, snorkeling, golfing, horseback riding, rafting etc. All this makes this place very special.

I rescued a few of them and gave them a new home in the pasture of the Sea Horse Ranch Equestrian Center. I am not just interested in riding horses. My goal is to understand them and to listen to them. They have lots of stories to tell and you can learn a lot from them.

The most important thing for me is that their hooves are in perfect condition. A very good friend of mine who lives now in California taught me how to trim the horse’s hooves. The best example for a healthy hoof is the one of a “Wild Mustang”.

Select Caribbean Properties - Dominican Republic

Riding On The Beach

If you like to get more info about healthy hooves and happy horses, please look at Paige Poss website who was visiting us this Spring 2013 in the Dominican Republic to teach us more about this wonderful animal. 

Select Caribbean Properties - Dominican Republic


Riding Magnum On The Beach


Villa Windsong: An Exclusive Opportunity to Rent or Own in The Dominican Republic

We would like to introduce you to Villa Windsong, an exclusive real estate and rental opportunity on the north coast of Dominican Republic.

Villa Windsong is an elegantly appointed beachfront villa, located in one of the most prestigious gated communities on the north coast of Dominican Republic. In fact, we feel that it is a true reflection of the luxurious Caribbean lifestyle. Many people dream of living or staying here – are you one of them?

Villa Windsong is an amazing example of Cabarete real estate which is for rent and for sale and represented by Select Caribbean Properties.

A large part of the beauty of this home is the clever design and layout of the entire home and property. With five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, Villa Windsong is ideal for hosting large families or events. In fact, each one of the beautiful and luxurious bedrooms can be entered from a hallway along with a tropical garden or directly from the ocean side.

Spacious and well equipped, the villa’s kitchen is artfully designed and makes entertaining a pure joy.

Villa Windsong - Cabarete - Dom.Rep.

Kitchen of Villa Windsong

The marvel of this home, however, is the 200 square meter oceanfront living room that faces out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sweeping, cathedral style ceilings allow the Caribbean breeze to flow freely throughout the home and out over the property. To provide unobstructed views of the ocean, all doors have also been designed to fold or retract toward the wall, adding to the unique and classic charm of this villa. It’s truly a beautiful space.

Outside those doors is an expansive infinity pool with the beach-style entrance. This pool area is surrounded by your own ocean front coco bar and outdoor pizza oven. Imagine the parties and family gatherings that could happen in this space!

Just beyond that area, the property extends out to a private beach that is also available for to explore and enjoy.

In addition to the beauty of the property, the entire building has a central water purification system. This thoughtful addition provides both peace of mind and convenience.

Beyond the principal home, there is also a staff area containing two separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Many members of the team have been working there since the beginning. All guests have enjoyed and commented on the quality of their care and help over the years.

The villa’s garage has parking space for up to four large vehicles, allowing for extra space in the driveway.

Villa Windsong is located in a very secure and welcoming neighborhood. The area contains homes and properties that are filled with locals and visitors, alike.

Nearby horse stables, tennis courts, and ocean view dining add to the charm of this location.

Sea Horse Ranch, Dominican Republic

Sea Horse Ranch Beach Club

In addition to all of the above, the surrounding area and the community are full of adventure and opportunities to explore. The best windsurfing and kiteboarding beaches on the island are only ten minutes away. The entire area is perfect for guests seeking different sports and ocean adventures.

Getting here is effortless. The Puerto Plata international airport is a quick 15-minute drive to the east. This allows for convenient and affordable access to and from the villa.

Does your heart want to call this your new home? Although Villa Windsong is currently a coveted vacation rental home, it’s also available to buy.

Beachfront villa between Sosua and Cabarete

Backyard of Beachfront Villa

Beachfront villa between Sosua and Cabarete

Living Room of Villa Windsong

Beachfront villa between Sosua and Cabarete

Pool at Night

Luxury Vacvation Rental Villa in Sea Horse Ranch Cabarete

Vacation Rental Villa with a private beach

Dining Out In Puerto Plata Restaurants and Eateries

Puerto Plata Restaurants – Discover the biggest City on the North Coast.

Of the three major cities on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata does not have a beach culture as do Cabarete and Sosua but very good restaurants & a history.

Central Park Puerto PlataIt is a classic, New-World, Spanish city with a town square, the Parque Central, as the center of the town. It has a classic Victorian bandstand in the middle and the region’s Roman Catholic cathedral is on the south side.

This is a unique city among Hispanic countries in that its architecture is primarily English Victorian. The reason? A fire consumed most of the city in 1863 at a time when the English were a large part of the population. They rebuilt the city using their architectural style of the times. Much of it remains to this day.

Bar Malecon Puerto PlataSo much is it a part of the architectural style of the city, it is even the style of the new coffee houses, bars and light-fare restaurants that dot the beach along the very Hispanic Malecon of the city. A Malecon is a long stretch of land along the waterfront of a Hispanic port city that is part roadway and part promenade, where people stroll or sit and socialize at sea-side restaurants.

Restaurants dot the length of the Puerto Plata Malecon. These are favorite places to pass the time because customers have a large selection of food, plus they can enjoy the sea breeze, which was very important before air conditioning, and very important now because it is part of the traditions of the city and it is significant reason why ex-pats live on the North Shore of the Dominican republic—to enjoy the outdoors, the breezes and the fresh air.

El Barco Puerto PlataOne such restaurant is Barco’s. Customers sit at sidewalk café tables or at a counter facing the ocean on the other side of the Malecon. It’s primarily German cuisine and beverage list reflects the international character of Puerto Plata and the North Coast.

Dine on Basilikum salad; a hot, breaded and fried 8-ounce round of camembert cheese served on a bed of lettuce with tomato, toast and imported cranberry jam. That and a bottle of Erdinger Weissbier and you have a perfect lunch overlooking the Atlantic. For a mid-afternoon snack, they have Tyrer Kaiserschmarrn; a cinnamon, apple and raisin dessert in ½-inch pieces of crispy pastry. 809-794-2337.

Seafood Dominican RepublicThough the national foods of the Dominican Republic are simple fares of mostly chicken or beef, with rice and beans, the people have a hidden lust for fish. This is revealed at the 15 or so fish restaurants clustered along the highway to Santiago about ten miles west of Puerto Plata in the fishing village of Maimon. The one with perhaps the greatest variety is lunch at Maimon Parada. Choose what you want or choose everything out of  24 or so items of fried, stewed and marinated fish with fresh local vegetables and salads. 809-374-5806. No reservations.

One of the good things about living in the Dominican Republic is that none of the food you eat comes from a distance more than two hours away. It is all fresh, it is all local.

Just Like Home

Mares Restaurant is owned by chef Rafael Vasquez who has run many kitchens in the better in Puerto Plata and Sosua. His cooking is characterized by the passion for flavor, freshness, and creativity. The restaurant is in a former home with a pool and a garden a surrounded by tall trees.  Diners are treated more like guests than customers, which is one reason it is rated #1 in Puerto Plata on TripAdvisor. The main reason is the food: creative and tasty.

This appetizer you won’t find just any place and you will not soon forget: Plantain “Mofonguito” With Goat; mashed, fried, green plantains served with a de-boned goat, marinated in Brugal rum.

Entrees include Seared Scallops with Pumpkin Risotto, marinated with white wine and chives; and Porcini Beef Tenderloin; grilled medallions of grass-fed beef with mushroom sauce.

Mares Restaurant Puerto Plata

You have a choice of dining inside in air conditioning or in the cool of the evening in the garden and listen to the crickets and tree frogs in the background—nature, and dining at its finest. This will be your dining room away from home. Reservations accepted: 809-261-3330