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If seclusion is appealing to you, then Jamao al Norte real estate may be the perfect fit. Jamao al Norte is nestled within the mountains, yet it is still close to the sea, making it a cozy region of the Dominican Republic in which to purchase a magnificent farm, home, or mountain lot.


Because of the elevated landscape, the views from your new luxury villa or farm are breathtaking. Jamao al Norte is only about 45 minutes from the International Airport of Puerto Plata and is located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, making it convenient to visitors and residents alike.

The land of Jamao al Norte is abundantly sprinkled with local farms that harvest cattle and other agricultural essentials. The area is known for its friendly and hospitable people, making Jamao al Norte quite the charming Dominican Republic town.

Modern Hacienda Style Home in Jamao Al Norte, DomRep

Modern Style Home – Jamao al Norte

Jamao al Norte Real Estate, Dominican Republic

Private Hilltop Villa in Jamao

Jamao al Norte Real Estate, Dominican Republic

Orange Trees

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