Rio San Juan Real Estate and Vacation Properties

Rio San Juan Real Estate includes dairy and crop farms, beach houses, and luxury villas along the coast and in the mountain.

Playa Grande Golf Course Dominican Republic

Playa Grande Golf Course

Cattle Farm - Rio San Juan - Dom. Rep.

Cattle Farm in Rio San Juan

Real estate is continuing to soar in the Rio San Juan area of the Dominican Republic. Because of its breathtaking cliffs and serene beaches, Rio San Juan is a perfect place to buy real estate. Several oceanfront luxury villas are for sale along the shore or a productive agriculture & dairy farms or beach houses.

Rio San Juan - Dominican Republic

Countryside house – Rio San Juan

Life in Rio San Juan

Rio San Juan is well known as a farming and fishing town. You will grow accustomed to the freshest seafood, fruits, and vegetables, at incredibly cheap prices. You can watch as the fishing boats leave on their daily catch from the end of Calle Sanchez, and purchase the freshest seafood in the region from the local fisherman on the same street. There are many restaurants nearby that prepare the finest of local seafood delicacies and serve them to you as you dine with loved ones at intimate shaded tables near the beach.

Farm - Rio San Juan - Dominican Republic

Happy Goat – Farmland – Rio San Juan

Rio San Juan Attractions

Rio San Juan is located about 1.5 hours from the International Airport of Puerto Plata and provides many unique things to do. One of the most notable attractions of Rio San Juan is the Gri Gri Lagoon. Daily boat tours take guests through this clear water lagoon to secluded caves and beaches. Here you will be able to capture beautiful pictures of unique rock formations and amazing mangrove trees, a wondrous sight to see!

Rio San Juan Real Estate - Dominican Republic

Bahia Principe Hotel


On the Beach Near Rio San Juan
















Beach Time at the Bahia Principe Hotel


North Coast Beach

Rio San Juan - Dominican Republic

Lagoon Gri-Gri

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