Unique Dominican Republic Farm near Cabrera

An exceptionally beautiful 571 acres (2.311.953 square meters) Dominican Republic farm, lies high in the lush coastal range behind the seaside village of Abreu, near Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Just an hour from the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) is this very special Dominican Republic farm with inspiring ocean views. Verdant forests of Acacia trees are connected by 2 miles (3km) of interior roads.

775 meters (900 feet) above sea level in places, this unique piece of real estate farmland represents an opportunity to live and invest in the Dominican Republic. The property includes smaller streams and several ponds. The larger ponds are stocked with trout while the river teems with freshwater shrimp. Many wild animals call this property home; these include parrots, wild turkeys, owls, and javelin.

Farm View Cabarera Abreu Dominican Republic

Tropical meadow view of the farm in Abreu

New to the property is a three-bedroom farmhouse with its own kitchen & living room. The house is totally off the grid. It has its own solar hot water heater and an independent electrical system with solar panels, batteries, and an inverter.

At the moment, the farm supports 500 cows, producing both milk and grass-fed beef. Working infrastructure includes miles of fencing and a farmhouse. But the real gem of the farm is the park-like plateau located in a high section of the property. Here, an island of perfect peace exists where trade wind breezes and panoramic views of mountains and the sea combine to form a setting unrivaled anywhere.

This Dominican Republic farm stands alone in the wide array of Dominican Real Estate offerings. Perfectly suited as a gentleman’s farm or large family compound, the property also has great potential for development. A boutique spa hotel with miles of walking nature trails would go well here. So, too, would a community of luxury homes, each with inspiring views and perfect privacy.

The farm is just a few miles from the fabulous Robert Trent Jones 18-hole golf course at Playa Grande. Wonderful beaches and great fishing are just minutes away. The farm was purchased 12 years ago and is now on the market again and represented by Select Caribbean Properties.

Farm Cattle Grazing Cabrera Abreu Dominican Republic

Dairy Farm in Abreu/Cabrera

Fish Pond on Farm in Cabrera Abreu Dominican Republic

Fish Pond on-farm in Cabrera

Cabarete – Surfing Capital of the Caribbean

Cabarete – Surfing Capital for 25 years with its 14 miles of coast on the north shore of the Dominican Republic is the number 1 destination.

Cabarete – Surfing Capital of the Caribbean. It started with windsurfing and grew to include kiteboarding and traditional surfing.

Ocean Point 1 Aerial

Cabarete – Ocean Point – Photo from Alice Eyman

It is one of the places in the world to hold important international and national championships like the Kiteboarding World Tour, Master of the Ocean (the only water sports triathlon in the world), Kiteboarding, The Summer Festival, The Butterfly Effect (a celebration of women in water sports), Pablito Guzman’s Cabarete Classic, the Masters’ Surf Reunion, and The Midwinter Laser Regatta. Good stuff, responsibly done.

Two natural wind factors make Cabarete ideal for traditional surfing, Windsurfing, and Kiteboarding: a low-wind morning, excellent for teaching windsurfing and excellent for traditional surfing, and an easterly wind that picks up around noon due to thermal currents.

The kiteboarding and windsurfing take place in Cabarete Bay. In order not to have collisions caused by different sailing styles, the two groups divided the bay into two sections. The one for kitesurfing to the west of the main part of the bay became Kite Beach, because of the largely greater popularity of kiteboarding. On a busy day, it can have as many as three hundred kitesurfers skipping across the chop of the waves.

The shape of shoreline changes along any coast. At the western end of Cabarete is a section of coast called Encuentro Bay. This has a low-rise bottom that creates wave breaks perfect for traditional kiteboarding.

Though a reef breaks down the waves along most of the Cabarete coast, at Encuentro the shore is open to the sea. In the calm mornings, waves roll in steadily and smoothly, ideal for surfing. When the wind picks up around noon and the waves get choppy, the surfing ends, and many go kiteboarding. So surfing of some sort is an all-day sport.

But there is more. Cabarete is not just salt-water sports, it is also fresh-water sports. And Cabarete is about choice—more water choice than you get at any other Surfing destination in the Caribbean.

Fresh-water sports include white water rafting, canoeing, underwater cave exploration (for the brave of heart), swimming at waterfalls or going down a series of natural water slides.

Cabarete and the north coast of the Dominican Republic have the greatest variety of water sports in the Caribbean basin. They are all offered as tours with guides by such businesses as Iguana Mama, the first licensed adventure tour operator in the Dominican Republic, right here in Cabarete.

For your piece of Dominican Republic real estate on Cabarete’s beach, view this beach house Cabarete which comes fully equipped and furnished, turnkey ready.

Beach House Cabarete, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Beach House Cabarete

Imagine waking up in the morning as tropical sunlight and soft sea breezes fill your bedroom. It is the first part of a luxurious day of ideal tropical living in this three-bedroom, two-bath vacation home (rentable) or permanent residence.

Easy access from the United States to the Puerto Plata airport that is 2½ hours from New York and 1¾ hours from Miami. A 20-minute drive from there and you are home, on the beach, in Cabarete.

5 Reasons to Buy Dominican Republic Real Estate

Are you looking at real estate in the Caribbean? Why consider buying in the Dominican Republic?

With a strong and stable economy, the Dominican Republic is continuing to grow and is attracting buyers from around the world.

The excitement is contagious – and there’s a reason why.

For example, the Dominican Republic’s real estate prices are among the lowest in the Caribbean.

However, don’t mistake low prices for low quality. The current low prices are actually a reflection of values to be discovered in the market.

Here are 5 reasons to consider purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic.

1. Expansive Beachfront Bargains

Across the world, beachfront real estate remains in high demand. In fact, in most locations is also comes with a very high price tag.

However, this is not yet the case in the young luxury market of the Dominican Republic.

Beautiful villas and oceanfront condominiums are yet within the reach of many real estate investors.

Buy Dominican Republic Real Estate

Beachfront Condos in Cabarete

2. Rising Tourism

Tourism continues to grow in the Dominican Republic.

However, the quality of tourism is also rising with the numbers. In 2018, we had 6.5 million visitors:

“While sun and beach remain the country’s most sought attractions, the Dominican Republic continues to work to expand its competitive offerings in the tourism marketplace.
Between adventurous Puerto Plata, lush Samaná, sunny Punta Cana, luxe La Romana, historic Santo Domingo and more, the country prides itself on offering something for every type of traveler and budget. ” 

As you can see, there is a lot to get excited about the growth in the tourism market!

3. Strong Rental Yields

Tourism is changing the face of the rental market in the Dominican Republic. As a result, many visitors now seek apartments, condos, and villas for their stay.

In short, they want to have a more authentic experience of what life is like in this beautiful country.

As a result, tourism is rising much faster than the number of available units in the commercial sector. This is helping to create a great opportunity for private owners to achieve strong yields.

Luxury villa, Cabarete, Sea-horse-ranch, Dominican Republic

Contemporary Villa in Sea Horse Ranch – Beach Access

4. Long Term Capital Growth Potential

Prices are low, tourism is growing, the economy is growing, and yields are good.

As the economy grows, the market’s stability improves. With continual infrastructure upgrades, eyes are quickly turning to our beautiful country.

This cycle is known to push up real estate values by a considerable amount over the long term.

5. Professional Help is Close at Hand

Navigating a real estate purchase in a foreign country can seem intimidating.

However, here in the Dominican Republic, we have excellent pathways to land and homeownership.

These pathways are found through working with trusted and reliable real estate agents. When choosing an agent, be sure to consider

  • experience and network
  • visible website client referrals
  • their ability to communicate with transparency
  • your own level of comfort

At Select Caribbean, we want to help you find the best fit for you. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you.

Unique Cabrera Oceanfront lot

Oceanfront Lot in Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Dining Out In Puerto Plata Restaurants and Eateries

Puerto Plata Restaurants – Discover the biggest City on the North Coast.

Of the three major cities on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata does not have a beach culture as do Cabarete and Sosua but very good restaurants & a history.

Central Park Puerto PlataIt is a classic, New-World, a Spanish city with a town square, the Parque Central, as the center of the town. It has a classic Victorian bandstand in the middle and the region’s Roman Catholic cathedral is on the south side.

This is a unique city among Hispanic countries in that its architecture is primarily English Victorian. The reason? A fire consumed most of the city in 1863 at a time when the English were a large part of the population. They rebuilt the city using their architectural style of the times. Much of it remains to this day.

Bar Malecon Puerto PlataSo much is it a part of the architectural style of the city, it is even the style of the new coffee houses, bars and light-fare restaurants that dot the beach along the very Hispanic Malecon of the city. A Malecon is a long stretch of land along the waterfront of a Hispanic port city that is part roadway and part promenade, where people stroll or sit and socialize at sea-side restaurants.

Restaurants dot the length of the Puerto Plata Malecon. These are favorite places to pass the time because customers have a large selection of food, plus they can enjoy the sea breeze, which was very important before air conditioning, and very important now because it is part of the traditions of the city and it is significant reason why ex-pats live on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic—to enjoy the outdoors, the breezes and the fresh air.

El Barco Puerto PlataOne such restaurant is Barco’s. Customers sit at sidewalk café tables or at a counter facing the ocean on the other side of the Malecon. It’s primarily German cuisine and beverage list reflects the international character of Puerto Plata and the North Coast.

Dine on Basilikum salad; a hot, breaded and fried 8-ounce round of camembert cheese served on a bed of lettuce with tomato, toast and imported cranberry jam. That and a bottle of Erdinger Weissbier and you have a perfect lunch overlooking the Atlantic. For a mid-afternoon snack, they have Tyrer Kaiserschmarrn; cinnamon, apple and raisin dessert in ½-inch pieces of crispy pastry. 809-794-2337.

Seafood Dominican RepublicThough the national foods of the Dominican Republic are simple fares of mostly chicken or beef, with rice and beans, the people have a hidden lust for fish. This is revealed at the 15 or so fish restaurants clustered along the highway to Santiago about ten miles west of Puerto Plata in the fishing village of Maimon. The one with perhaps the greatest variety is lunch at Maimon Parada. Choose what you want or choose everything out of  24 or so items of fried, stewed and marinated fish with fresh local vegetables and salads. 809-374-5806. No reservations.

One of the good things about living in the Dominican Republic is that none of the food you eat comes from a distance more than two hours away. It is all fresh, it is all local.

Just Like Home

Mares Restaurant is owned by chef Rafael Vasquez who has run many kitchens in the better in Puerto Plata and Sosua. His cooking is characterized by the passion for flavor, freshness, and creativity. The restaurant is in a former home with a pool and a garden surrounded by tall trees.  Diners are treated more like guests than customers, which is one reason it is rated #1 in Puerto Plata on TripAdvisor. The main reason is the food: creative and tasty.

This appetizer you won’t find just any place and you will not soon forget: Plantain “Mofonguito” With Goat; mashed, fried, green plantains served with a de-boned goat, marinated in Brugal rum.

Entrees include Seared Scallops with Pumpkin Risotto, marinated with white wine and chives; and Porcini Beef Tenderloin; grilled medallions of grass-fed beef with mushroom sauce.

Mares Restaurant Puerto Plata

You have a choice of dining inside in air conditioning or in the cool of the evening in the garden and listen to the crickets and tree frogs in the background—nature, and dining at its finest. This will be your dining room away from home. Reservations accepted: 809-261-3330

Dining Out In Cabarete

Sea Horse Ranch, Beach Club Restaurant

Beach Club Restaurant in Sea Horse Ranch

Great variety of restaurants between Sosua and Cabarete!

For the combination of qualities that we like in tropical dining, I put The Beach Club restaurant at Sea Horse Ranch first on my list. Despite the inference of the name, it is open to the public.

You will be hard-pressed to find its equal for location and setting—surrounded by woods, smack-dab next to the ocean with a view sweeping out to the horizon, on a limestone bluff overlooking the beach, a wide expanse of forest-lined shore, with the sound of surf breaking on the rocks below.

There is no view of civilization, no sound of civilization; just the ocean and the wind. This is not a huge, bustling restaurant. It is personal. Seats maybe 35, so you do not feel rushed. More importantly, you are not rushed.

And then there is the food: varied, creative, tasty and healthy. The menu has a wide variety of grilled fresh seafood, pasta, and pizzas. It has the classic Argentinean Churrasco steak with chimichurri (no, I don’t know, either) or ginger sauce, $28.50. Filet mignon comes in various styles: with porcini mushrooms, pepper or Gorgonzola sauces, $19.50. There is an array of lighter and lunch food ranging from grilled cheese and tomato to burgers and salads.

Foods of North Africa include Tabbouleh, Falafel platter, $10.50, Hummus, Shish-kabob, $19.50 and Fatoush salad. Top it off with the only Baklava on the North Coast, and you got a hell of meal in a 5-star setting. 12:00 pm – 10:30 pm, 7 days. 809 571-4995.

On the Main Beach

The most popular seafood restaurant on Cabarete’s main beach is Casita de Papi. The great thing about Cabarete is its informal lifestyle. So, when you eat out, you can dress down, or not change out of what you were dressed in all day, a wet bathing suit and bare feet. So it is with Casita de Papi—no dress code, which is true of all the restaurants, bars, and discotheque on the beach.

Casita de Papi’s signature dish is langoustines at 850 pesos ($20.60) or super-huge shrimp at 800 pesos ($19.50), or both, cooked in a light garlic cream sauce with a hint of saffron, served in the paella pan it was cooked in; enough for two, but they serve it for one. These dishes are 10-star delicious out of a possible 5. You do not have to think about ordering anything else. So don’t. You will go home with a happy belly and a smile on your face. “You did the right thing.”
Mondays through Saturdays 11 am to 11 pm. 809 986 3750

Top Ten

Of the ten top-rated restaurants in TripAdvisor’s (currently) 8,204 Caribbean restaurants, 2 are in Cabarete: Gordito’s Fresh Mex and Mojito Moment.

Taco Fish at El Gordito, Cabarete, DR

Taco Fish at El Gordito

Chichigua is on Kite Beach, named for the kiteboarding that goes on there, and which also dominates the surf scene of Cabarete. The people who kiteboard live an outdoor lifestyle and are usually committed to healthful eating. That is what Chichigua is all about—both.

It is one the beachside of the Extreme hotel, with a panoramic view of the beach, the ocean and, most importantly, the kiteboards riding on the Caribbean breezes.

It is breeze-swept and rustic—unpainted wood and a thatched roof. The food is varied and healthy from breakfast to lunch, to snacks, to dinner. It is more like home cooking than like restaurant food. That, in part, is what places it in the top ten of those 8,204 Caribbean restaurants.

Their feature foods are items that have bread made with organic whole wheat, yuca, and quinoa flour, with locally-grown, organic moringa herb (very healthy for ya) mixed in. Among these are pastelitos, which are empanada-like turnovers filled with ricotta and spinach (the house favorite}, pizza ingredients, Chinese vegetables, beef, pork or chicken, 65 pesos ($1.60). Also, a falafel sandwich made with pita bread of the same ingredients, 235 pesos ($5.70). Usually, whole wheat pita can overwhelm the falafel, but not so with the moringa bread. It compliments and uplifts, rather than buries the flavor. People say it is the best falafel since New York.

Daily specials as well 350- 550 pesos ($8.50-$13.35), served with steamed, locally-grown, fresh vegetables, rice or salsa. Moist cupcakes, 50 pesos ($1.20); fresh juices, 75 pesos ($1.80).

Despite its popularity, Gordito’s Fresh Mex is not on the beach where most of the popular ones are. This is along the main road in the shopping plaza of Ocean Dream condominium complex.

First off, it’s five stars *****. No, it is not formal, table service with haute cuisine.

Good restaurants that are not that get short-changed. “Good” of any classification should get recognition. And what Gorditio’s serves is tacos.

By five star, I mean it is what it is supposed to be and more. It tastes good, is filling > > > but not heavy in the stomach. That’s the trick. You are not gonna find a better, fast-serve taco place in the Dominican Republic.

Gordito's Fresh Mex in Cabarete

Wraps at Gordito’s in Cabarete

They use only fresh and homemade ingredients. Nothing is out of a can or a bottle. Zip. They cook their own beans and make three different “heats” of hot sauce. One is screaming-hot, hot sauce. Made with habaneros and sometimes scotch bonnet. Made without vinegar so your food does not taste like vinegar.

They got soft and crispy tacos (I like the crispy for the corn taste), burritos and bowls.

Crispy and soft tacos are 35 to 60 pesos ($.85-$1.45); burritos and bowls are 110 to 150 pesos ($2.65-$3.64).

The bean taco is the least expensive at 35 pesos ($.93). They got long-roasted, shredded pork at 60 pesos ($1.60). And when they got fish tacos, they sell out.

Why go to a Mex joint in the DR, you ask? Because it is good, fast and inexpensive. And people like it. People liking it is the same reason people eat at a pizza joint when visiting the DR. Besides, most of us are not travelers, we are vacationers. And then there are those who live here. We eat what we like.

If you want to know why so many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans live in Cabarete, this is the place to find out. Lots of expats eat here. It is expat central. It is the place to talk. This, and Mojitos.

Mojito’s Bar is on the beach, owned by an Italian couple from Capri. Capri has been a seaside resort since the Roman Republic, 2500 years ago, so they know something about the hospitality business—customer service, quality food, and drink. So do these people.

It is very popular with the ex-pat locals and Dominicans. When other restaurants are almost empty, this place is full. That speaks volumes. Their specialty, as the name implies, is Mojitos. Made when you order it; no pre-made, match-making, so it is not watered down. 120 pesos ($1.90). At happy hour, 2 for 1 at 170 pesos ($4.10). Try the passion fruit mojitos.

They have bruschettas, various paninis (fresh daily bread). Six days, 2:00 pm-3:00 am. Closed Tuesdays. mojitobar-cabarete.com, 809 864 0712. No reservations.

VacaBar, on the beach at Aqualina Kite Resort. Cami, the owner, is a French descent, Barcelona-trained chef. The restaurant sits high on a bluff with cooling breezes all the time. Her specialty is Eggs Benedict—a variety of them (yes, she has other food). With ham, 260 pesos ($6.31); with spinach or bacon, 280 pesos ($6.80); with sea bass, 300 pesos ($7.30); with avocado (you gotta ask for it) 280 pesos. How can you go wrong with all of this with hollandaise? You can’t. Served with two portions (because they are so da*ned good) of home fries with garlic (yummy) and tropical fruit salad. Breakfast all day, lunch, cocktails. Closed Mondays. 809 889 1198

Going Native

Comedor Ambar—it is where the locals eat. The real locals. The Dominicans. By no means fancy, by-all-means, good, if not great, home-made Dominican cooking. All of it is cooked over open wood fires in an unattached shed, typical of real tropical restaurants.

Eating as a local in Cabarete

Typically Dominican kitchen in the countryside

Most all the meats are “guisada” (braised), bones-in and long-cooked to get out all the flavor. Chicken is also either broiled over a wood fire or fried. They even have braised duck occasionally and braised liver. I suspect the duck comes from their own back yard and is sometimes goose. The liver and all beef are from 100%, grass-fed cows. No messing with corn at any time, 40 pesos ($1.00) for about 8 ounces. Any idea what this grass-feed beef would cost in the US, Canada or Europe? Yeah, a lot.

Most meats are 35 and 40 pesos ($.85-$1.00). They have killer-delicious rice (the caldron in the far left in the photo), smokey-flavor beans from the smoke of the wood fire, outstanding smokey-flavor, braised eggplant and other vegetables, 20 pesos ($.50) each.

Located across the street from the Roman Catholic church on a street called the Callejon, which is the first left-hand turn to the west of town. Six days, 11:30 am till the food runs out at night. Sundays, 11:30 am till the food runs out in the afternoon. No reservations. No phone. No website. Just show up.

What a View! Beachfront Condos Sosua

Sosua - Generals beach in front of Hispaniola Beach

Sosua – Generals beach in front of Hispaniola Beach

Beachfront condos Sosua are now available in picturesque, wood-clad, Victorian-style buildings surrounded by beautiful gardens, palm trees, and red-flowered, Royal Poinciana trees.

Your opportunity to purchase top-of-the-line Sosua real estate.

Beachfront Condos Sosua

Beachfront Condos in Sosua

The development is on prime, waterfront property on a broad sand beach overlooking crystal-clear, turquoise waters with a view of majestic Mt. Isabela in Puerto Plata in the distance. Adjacent to the beach is an Infiniti pool and Jacuzzi. The grounds are made with wide sidewalks to use with golf carts to move heavy luggage or carry groceries.

You will have all the amenities one can imagine in these spacious, open, airy and full-of-light units of two and three bedrooms, each with its own bath. The colors of the units are warm and soft, so you get that “Caribbean feel,” which is why you come here in the first place.

Sosua condos

Sosua condos

The customized, fully-equipped, designer kitchens have granite preparation and breakfast counter tops. The utensils, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, cooking range, hood and stainless steel equipment have been specially chosen for style and beauty, yet with practicality and quality in mind.

The living and dining rooms face the balcony and the great outdoors. Leave the sliding doors of the picture window open and the outside and the inside merge to become one. Additionally, each unit comes with a relaxing Jacuzzi.

Sosua condos for sale

Sosua condos for sale

This epitomizes Sosua property for sale at its best. The location is ideal, close to downtown Sosúa where most restaurants, hotels, residential developments, drug stores, shops, banks, and supermarkets are located.

Check these out. There is only so much prime, beachfront real estate. When they are gone, they are gone. Rental pool and management are available.

Prices starting at US$286,000 depending on location and floor level. Financing is available! More information here.

Want to Buy a Foreign Property? Here are Four Ways to Save Time and Money.

Buying a foreign property doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. In fact, you might be surprised at the simple steps you can take along the way to save time and money.

Buying a foreign property can be attractive for many reasons:

  • favorable exchange rates for prospective buyers
  • choosing tourism hot spots
  • long-term plans for retirement or family vacations

However, foreign property ownership is also an investment and a serious commitment. It deserves due process when considering any possible transaction.

Educating yourself can ensure that you save money buying foreign property –  and on the transaction.

Save money buying foreign property, Dominican Republic

Residential Gated Community in Sosua

Here are four ways to save time and money when buying a foreign property:

1.Know Your Market And Save Money

Most foreign property purchasers like to rent an apartment or property before making the destination a permanent vacation spot.

According to the BBC, buyers can ask themselves a few basic questions to discover whether this is the right property or place for them.

It’s important to remember that like everywhere else, property markets like the Dominican Republic also go through their own trends and cycles.

If prices are dropping in the United States, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dropping in the Caribbean.

Because of this, it is imperative that a prospective buyer monitors these trends.

It is also wise to compare prices with local rents to understand property valuations.

2. Obtain Legal Assistance and professional help

One of your initial priorities should be to obtain professional legal assistance.

By seeking expertise in local laws you are protecting yourself from any potential scams or unforeseen issues.

They can also ensure that all routine procedures are done correctly. This includes owner registration, property title, planning consent, and any necessary permits.

In addition, it is better to do business only with professional real estate agencies or with reputable developers who understand the process.

The bottom line is, private transactions by owners can be risky.

We also recommend that all documents are professionally translated into your own language.

3. Obtain the Right Mortgages

While most foreign buyers purchase foreign property against their own home, it is also worth considering a local mortgage.

In particular, this is important if the property is an investment that will generate a local income.

One key advantage of seeking a local mortgage is that loans may still be available on favorable terms – especially if the local economy remains stagnant or depressed.

In addition to this, you may discover that your country of purchase has a much wider range of finance options and even lower rates.

However, getting one is not always easy, as foreign banks are often strict when it comes to who they lend to.

4. Save Money on Currency Transactions

Once you have obtained an attractive purchase price on your foreign home and favorable terms on your mortgage, the next step is to get the best terms on your foreign currency transaction.

Although your banks will undoubtedly offer foreign currency exchange services, their terms are typically not the most favorable. In fact, they often include higher margins on rates, steeper transaction fees, and limited transaction amounts.

Whether you are paying in full, setting up a mortgage payment, or just making a deposit, there are better alternatives available. Specialist foreign exchange brokers are most commonly the best deal on large currency transactions and their rates are considerably better than banks. While the rate difference may seem minuscule at only 1 to 2 percent, that can add up to significant savings when dealing with large sums.

One key advantage of using a foreign exchange broker is that many will permit you to reserve transactions at fixed rates as long as one year in advance. Therefore, you can reserve a favorable rate without needing to send money immediately.

In fact, it’s quite possible that prospective buyers can save thousands with a foreign exchange specialist.

And above all, don’t forget your personal tax implications.

The location of your mortgage could have a significant effect on how your property is valued and taxed by your home country. You will need to consider capital gains and rental income as that will impact tax returns locally and abroad.

The most important key is to stay informed every step of the way.

Research is the key to success and being prepared. The key to a successful transaction is to make it an informed one.

I would love your thoughts on this too. Leave me a comment on my Facebook Page which is SelectCaribbean.

Save money buying foreign property, Dominican Republic

Playground in Your Residential Community

Dominican Republic North Coast Rentals

Have you traveled to the Dominican Republic a few times and liked it enough to possibly live here. Come and check out our Dominican Republic North Coast Rentals.

All kinds of Dominican Republic north coast rentals are available and may afford the prospective buyer or those seeking long-or-short-term vacation rentals a viable alternative to hotels.

Dominican Republic North Coast Rentals

Four Bedroom Villa For Rent

Vacation rentals in the Dominican Republic are offered for every budget. Villa rentals & condo rentals in major towns such as Sosua or Cabarete are popular, particularly beachfront rentals in Cabarete and Sosua. Stunning villas are available, some fully staffed, offering fabulous amenities such as horseback riding, private beaches, and mini-spas. A villa rental in the Dominican Republic will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Hill top ocean view rental villa

Luxury Villa for rent and for sale

If one is considering living in the Dominican Republic, it is advisable to rent in the area in which one believes they will eventually settle. Selecting the type of residence, whether a condo, small house or substantial villa, is important as it will provide a more realistic living experience. Select Caribbean Properties lists many long-term rentals in Cabarete, Sosua and Cabrera….and everywhere in between.

Many clients prefer to rent in established projects either on the beach, in town or in the hills behind Sosua, Cabarete or Cabrera. Selected country projects offer rentals of smaller condos, houses or villas for very reasonable rates. Many offer pools and community amenities such as tennis courts and shady kiosks for gathering with friends.

pool with ocean view

Beachfront condo in Cabarete

The Beachfront condo projects of Cabarete and Sosua offer magnificent groupings of contemporary buildings placed around common areas, all with stunning ocean views. Your Dominican Republic vacation, whether for a week or a few months, will pass pleasurably and without stress. And the water-sports activities such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, dinghy sailing and long-or-short board surfing will fill your days with healthy fun.

Cabrera luxury villa rental

Cabrera Luxury Villa

The pinnacle of the Dominican Republic vacation rental market is occupied by some of the most breathtaking villas in all the Caribbean. One, a 15,000 square-foot masterpiece, occupies an oceanfront cliff top near Cabrera. From this fabulous vacation villa, one wanders down a winding path to a private sandy beach. The lighted clay tennis court will have you running in the cooler hours while half a dozen horses stand ready to take you on a mountain excursion. The trained staff often will pamper you. It will be just as you envisioned your Dominican Republic rental villa would be…and more!

The Dominican Food Culture as a Reflection of Cultural Aspects

Dominican Food Culture has a lot in common with the gastronomic traditions of the neighboring islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as with the country it shares the island of Hispaniola with, Haiti.

The Dominican Food Culture has less in common with other Latin American countries, although there are some shared traditions there too.

The different cultural influences that combined to make the Dominican people are also reflected in their favorite foods. The three primary ingredients in this recipe are Spanish, Taino, and African, with a peppering of Italian, Chinese and Arab.


Fish with plantains

The breakfast buffet will always include mangú, which is a savory puree made with mashed plantains, yautía (taro) or yuca (cassava). Another variation of mangú is ‘mazamorra’, made with the pumpkin-like squash known in the Dominican Republic as ‘auyama’.

‘Mangú’ is traditionally served with fried red onions, and can also be accompanied by fried white cheese, eggs or salami.

Tropical fruits are eaten at breakfast and other times of the day. This is one attraction that the foreign visitor will always be drawn to, even if he or she is unadventurous when it comes to prepared dishes. Papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, and the sweetest bananas you will ever taste are always in season. When it is the time of year for mangos, you will be in mango heaven. There are also several less familiar fruits like ‘jagua’ and ‘zapote’ that you might wish to try, either as juice or by eating the fruit itself.

fruits plate

Caribbean Fruits

Lunch is always ‘La Bandera Dominicana’ – the Dominican Flag – which is made up of bean stew, white rice, and meat. There are many variations of this tricolor treat. The beans can be black, red, white or ‘guandules’ (pigeon peas). The rice is usually white, but Dominicans sometimes also make rice with noodles, rice with sweet corn, or rice with vegetables. The meat can be chicken, beef, pork or goat, and these are made in any number of ways too: stewed, fried or roasted. Codfish stew is sometimes served instead of the ‘meat’ option. The ‘bandera’ is usually served with a small mixed salad or a plate of boiled vegetables.

Caribbean Food

Caribbean Dish

On the menus, you will see mentions of ‘salsa Criolla’ or Creole sauce, which is the Dominican name for a vegetable based sauce made with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes, which can be combined with fish, shrimp, chicken or other meats. Other popular sauces or seasonings include ‘al ajillo’ – garlic sauce, or ‘a la crema’ – similar to a béchamel sauce.

The evening meal is usually light and can be a variation on what is eaten at breakfast, a simple sandwich, and a hot drink, or in the hotter months, simply a glass of natural fruit juice. Dominicans are also particularly partial to ginger and lemon grass teas and thick hot chocolate drinks.

One of the enjoyable parts of discovering a new cuisine is encountering unfamiliar ingredients. ‘Yuca’ and ‘yautía’, ‘tayota’ (chayote or christophene) and ‘plátano’ (plantain) are virtually unknown in Europe and North America, which comes as a big surprise to many Dominicans for whom these foods are as familiar as cornflakes and milk are for the tourists. In addition, the visitor will find familiar ingredients prepared in new ways, like boiled green bananas which are commonly served as side vegetables.

On special occasions, Dominican Food Culture takes on a festive air. Sancocho, a thick stew made with up to seven types of meat and a large array of vegetables and tubers, is the ultimate Dominican party food. Christmas time is when families get together to share a roast suckling pig (lechón asado) accompanied by moro de guandules (rice and pigeon peas) and potato salad. At Easter, a large vat of the unique ‘habichuelas con dulce’ (sweet beans) bubbles on every Dominican household stove.

Chicken soup with lemongrass and avocado

Chicken Soup

Street corner food stands and roadside sellers are a picturesque part of the Dominican Food Culture. It is advisable to take this slowly if you are a newcomer to the country, because hygiene is not always that great, and your stomach is still adjusting to being in a different climate. Once you feel you are ready, frituras (fried snacks), chicharrones (pork rinds) pollo frito (fried chicken) and chimichurri (hamburgers) are all there for the taking.

Relocate or Retire in the Dominican Republic

Relocate – retire in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

If you dream of a life on a tropical island, look no further. Relocate and retire in the Dominican Republic.

Direct, daily air service from the USA and Canada as well as from Europe is well established, serving several major international airports. The climate is perfect for warm nights and warmer days. Constant trade winds blow from the east all year bringing an ideal mix of abundant sunshine and adequate rain. The island nation is large and diverse with lovely beaches and lush, green mountains.

The government of the Dominican Republic encourages foreigners to relocate and retire in this wonderful country. Labor is inexpensive and a great choice of building materials and skilled contractors means that a fine choice of tropical homes in a variety of settings is available. Want to start a business in paradise? Hundreds of opportunities await the new resident from agriculture and dairy farming to manufacturing in the numerous free zones. The stable, friendly government of the Dominican Republic welcomes entrepreneurs.

Mountains - Dominican Republic

Aerial mountain view shot

For those interested only in staying for a few weeks or months each year, no special permits are needed. If the intention is to work, start a business, relocate – retire for long periods, foreigners may easily obtain residency in the Dominican Republic. The process is fairly simple. The applicant will need an original birth certificate, valid passport, good conduct police report from their home country and a simple medical exam performed in the Dominican Republic. Approval takes a couple of months.

Once the approval is given, a legal resident may work and conduct business without restriction. A legal resident passes quickly through inbound immigration and pays no tourist fees. And once established, the legal resident may import personal and household items, including an automobile, without paying duty. There are reputable customs agents who will speed the process for the new resident, saving time and money.

The Dominican Republic is an interesting mix of the traditional and the modern. Fiber-optic lines have been installed nationwide, ensuring up to date internet, phone, and TV service. Cell phone towers are located near every population center and the most modest beach bar will have good Wi-Fi. Shopping for basics is easy. Supermarkets filled with fresh produce, bread, meats, and fish as well as goods from all over the world will be found in every tourist destination. International restaurants, lively nightlife, and specialty shopping are abundant.

When it comes time to shop for a home, the choices are many. From modest mountain bungalows to ultra-modern condo projects, the new resident wishing to relocate or retire in the Dominican Republic will find it all. There are well-established communities of smaller homes, reasonably priced, with nearby beaches and other amenities. Condo projects are available in many locations including direct beachfront. A luxury villa equal to anything in Atlantic Florida or the South of France may tempt the resident. Perhaps a few hundred acres of lush farmland high in the green hills overlooking the sea will appeal.

Whatever the reason for coming, it is certain that you will love your new home. The welcoming people and ideal climate will entice you. All you need is here…and more.

New condos in Sosua for sale Dominican Republic

New condos and Townhouses in Sosua

Condo and townhouse prices in a new gated residential development in Sosua on the north coast of the Dominican Republic are starting at US$ 39.500 for a 1 bedroom condo and $145,000 for a townhouse. A common area for the condos and the townhouses will be built with a BBQ pit, a common swimming pool, and a covered event/activity space.

Sosua beachfront condo

Beachfront condos in Sosua

Alternatively, live in a new beachfront, Victorian-style condo complex next to the sparkling waters of Sosua Bay.Two and three bedroom units range from US$ 286,000 and US$452,000. The property is interlaced with gardens and palm trees. It is close to downtown with its restaurants, bars, discos, casino, shops, and supermarkets.

Retirement home in Cabrera for sale

Waterfront home in Cabrera

The Perfect Cottage is a one-bedroom, cathedral-ceilinged, one acre + charmer located smack-dab on the seaside hills of Cabrera, one of the lushest areas of the Dominican Republic. It is virtually one of a kind. Usually, these properties are the domain of six and ten bedrooms, sprawling villas. Not here.

It is ideal for the person who wants relocate or to retire in the Dominican Republic, perhaps a budding Hemingway or Jack London. Alternatively, build a large home on the remainder of the site. Priced at: US$ 550.000