Architecture in the Dominican Republic

Like its food, dance, and music, Dominican Republic Architecture represents a blending of rich cultures that have produced something truly unique. Whether you are looking to permanently relocate or rent a luxury villa, you’ll quickly notice the deeply rooted culture of the Dominican Republic bursting out of every wall and … Continue reading

Understanding Dominican Republic Construction Costs

Dominican Republic Real Estate and Impressions, DR
Are you wondering about the construction costs of building a home in the Dominican Republic? We are often asked how costs can be determined and what buyers should take into consideration. When looking at purchasing real estate for construction in the Dominican Republic, there are four main things to consider: … Continue reading

The History of an American Architect in the Dominican Republic

Luxury Villa Designs of an American Architect living in the Dominican Republic When I, Eric M. Urbahn, member of the American Institute of Architects, first arrived in the beautiful Dominican Republic in early 1996,  I was immediately struck by the feeling that this large, diverse Caribbean country was really going places. Within … Continue reading