Cabarete – Surfing Capital of the Caribbean

Cabarete – Surfing Capital for 25 years with its 14 miles of coast on the north shore of the Dominican Republic is the number 1 destination. Cabarete – Surfing Capital of the Caribbean. It started with windsurfing and grew to include kiteboarding and traditional surfing. It is one of the … Continue reading

Kiteboarding on the north coast of the Dominican Republic

Cabarete is one of the most popular kiteboarding destinations in the world. Buying real estate along this beautiful bay of Cabarete is the trend! Cabarete beach offers many options for ocean sports enthusiasts. One of the most popular sports here in the Dominican Republic is kiteboarding and here you will … Continue reading


Yoga Cabarete with Molly is the best! Molly O Meara began practicing yoga in 1993 while she lived in Aspen Colorado. Yoga first served as a complement to an active lifestyle, but soon became an integral part of her life. Now she is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner in the tradition … Continue reading

Cabarete’s Unique Sailing Venue

La Boca, Dominican Republic
The charming seaside resort town of Cabarete has become a unique world-class sailing venue in recent years. The north coast of the Dominican Republic sits right in a zone of constant breezes known as the Northeast Tradewinds. These winds are steady and constant, particularly in the Bay of Cabarete. Because … Continue reading

Master of the Ocean

Master of the Ocean is a world-class surfing event that is held every year in Cabarete on the Dominican Republic’s beautiful north shore. Launched 18 years ago, the Master of the Ocean competition, a world-class water-sport event, will be held from February 23rd to February 28th, 2015, in Cabarete on … Continue reading

Pauhana Surf School in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The Most amazing Surf School in the Caribbean! About 5 years ago Jack and Chepe started Pauhana Surf School in Cabarete. They saw that there was missing a surf club for kids, so they started with a week of summer surf camp for kids and  it became a big success. … Continue reading

River Fishing in the Dominican Republic

River Fishing On The North Cost Of The Dominican Republic Some of the finest and most challenging river fishing in the Dominican Republic is to be found in one of the many rivers that flow to the sea from the interior highlands. Many of these watercourses are well known, and … Continue reading

Exploring Diving Options in the Caribbean

Exploring Diving in the Caribbean! The turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean have enticed tourists from all over the world for decades with its great natural beauty. With an abundance of marine life, including a huge variety of beautiful corals and fish, clear, warm water, and gentle currents, the Caribbean … Continue reading

Yoga Tips for Cruise Travelers Visiting the Dominican Republic

Yoga Tips for Cruise Travelers visiting the Dominican Republic With more than 200 cruise itineraries including a stop in the Dominican Republic every year, cruise travelers have a lot of options when it comes to destinations, activities, excursions, food, and more. Cruises are a fun and inexpensive way to visit … Continue reading