The Dominican Food Culture as a Reflection of Cultural Aspects

Dominican Food Culture has a lot in common with the gastronomic traditions of the neighboring islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as with the country it shares the island of Hispaniola with, Haiti. The Dominican Food Culture has less in common with other Latin American countries, although there … Continue reading

Dominican chocolate! See it, Taste it, Enjoy it!

Clients are hiring us, because we also talk about fun places to visit while in the Dominican Republic. For example, El Sendero del Cacao is a historic pioneer and organic cacao plantation in the heart of the island. The plantation is about a two-hour drive from Cabarete, and is well worth … Continue reading

Cigars of the Dominican Republic

With a perfect tobacco-growing climate, fine, rich soil and a legacy of top-notch production, the world-renowned cigar makers of the Dominican Republic enjoy a reputation unexcelled anywhere in the world. Romeo y Julieta, Macanudo, Flor Dominicana, Montecristo and Arturo Fuente are but a few of the better makers of cigars … Continue reading

The 100 must-have albums for Dominican Music.

The Association of Show Business Writers (Acroarte) has just released a list, in alphabetical order, of 100 albums considered essential for all lovers of Dominican music. The list covers albums from 1950 to 2010. Juan Luis Guerra leads with six albums on the list, followed by Johnny Ventura.  

La Vega Carnival – Dominican Republic

Carneval - La Vega - Dominican Republic
La Vega Carnival – It’s that time of year again! For all of February and March, the entire Dominican Republic enjoys the La Vega Carnival and numerous other festivities, including a celebration of it’s Independence Day or “Día de la Independencia”. You won’t be able to miss the bizarrely beautiful, and … Continue reading

Spicing it up in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Real Estate and Impressions, DR
Spicing up with Dominican Republic ingredients! Traveling to a foreign country means that you get to experience unique fare firsthand. Despite the islands of the Caribbean being close in proximity, each one is known for their own culinary offerings, whether it be a meal featuring a meat that foreigners wouldn’t normally … Continue reading