Yoga Cabarete with Molly is the best!

Molly at the Yoga Loft

Yoga Cabarete with Molly

Molly O Meara began practicing yoga in 1993 while she lived in Aspen Colorado. Yoga first served as a complement to an active lifestyle, but soon became an integral part of her life. Now she is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner in the tradition taught by the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, and her primary teacher, Paul Dallaghan of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Now Molly is teaching for several years at the Yoga Loft at the Extreme Hotel in Cabarete and Molly’s class is a favorite for locals and guests. Molly is local but global.

Molly believes that the power of yoga can transform lives. She honors those who practice for the first time as well as those with a daily practice. Her teaching style is warm and supportive and encourages students to explore beyond their perceived limitations by emphasizing proper alignment to maximize performance and prevent injury. Molly is forever a student and thoroughly enjoys all that she learns from those who practice with her.

If you are interested in taking private and group lessons contact Molly directly at


Yoga Tips for Cruise Travelers Visiting the Dominican Republic

Yoga Tips for Cruise Travelers visiting the Dominican Republic

With more than 200 cruise itineraries including a stop in the Dominican Republic every year, cruise travelers have a lot of options when it comes to destinations, activities, excursions, food, and more. Cruises are a fun and inexpensive way to visit the Dominican Republic, and they offer a little something for everyone.

If you’re looking for more from your cruise vacation than time spent lying on the beach, however, yoga cruises are a great way to go. There are several lines that offer ships with morning and evening yoga classes, including a few that are solely dedicated to helping you achieve inner balance.

Even if you’re traveling on a cruise without formal yoga instruction, however, the ship can be the perfect place to practice on your own. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your yoga cruise experience.

Finding a Yoga Cruise

As mentioned, several cruise lines cater to yoga enthusiasts by offering specialty programs onboard just for them. These are typically an extension of either the fitness center or spa services and may be included for free or at a modest additional cost, depending on the cruise line. Beyond yoga, many other spa services and aromatherapy are available, as are specialty menus for the fitness minded. Whether you’re sailing a contemporary cruise line such as Royal Caribbean or going upscale on Regent Seven Seas, you’re likely to find a yoga opportunity.  If you’re not a big planner, you can still typically book a last minute cruise deal that includes the Dominican Republic and gets a great yoga experience.

Finding Peace and Quiet Onboard

If you find the dichotomy between the somewhat austere practice of yoga and the daily pampering provided by a cruise ship somewhat strange, just remember that yoga is all about achieving balance. Feel free to enjoy both the discipline that yoga practice requires and the luxurious freedom that ship life offers.

In order to get the most out of your yoga cruise, it may be necessary at times to step back from the activities and the noise and enjoy some alone time. Fortunately, most cruise ships offer a variety of options for those seeking peace and quiet as well:

  • Book a balcony stateroom – even if it’s impossible to find a free space on the pool deck, a private balcony allows you to enjoy peace and relaxation whenever you need it. You’ll probably pay a little extra for balcony accommodations, but if saluting the sunrise in solitude is important to you, then it is likely worth it. Plus it makes your stateroom feel larger as well.
  • Spend time in quiet areas – the onboard spa is made especially for giving guests the relaxation they crave. Use the spa and other quiet activities or areas to help you meditate and de-stress.  Some ships now rent private cabanas on their decks.
  • Go ashore – When your ship makes a port of call, spend some time alone at the beach. Practicing yoga on the shore is an experience unlike any other.
  • Stay aboard—if you’ve cruised before and have already seen a particular port, consider staying onboard the ship while most everyone else is going ashore.  You’ll feel like you have the ship to yourself with plenty of room for solitude.  Private cabana rentals are typically less expensive on port days as well.

A yoga cruise into or out of the DR can be a deeply satisfying experience for both your body and your mind. Be sure to enjoy your relaxing retreat to the fullest.