Here’s Why Sosua and Cabarete are the Jewels of the Dominican Republic

Sosua & Cabarete are more than just towns on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. They are filled with an allure that continues to entice visitors and residents from around the globe.

People may first choose to visit Sosua and Cabarete for the weather or the promise of an adventure. However, they soon realize that there is so much more to experience.

In fact, there’s something for everyone. From water sports and outdoor adventures to lazy afternoons in the shade of a palm tree, you can find it here. From quiet nights into dinner parties and dancing until dawn, the options are numerous.

The natural beauty and rhythm of the north coast are found in the people that visit and live here. This is a place like no other.

In fact, this video seems to capture that spirit of adventure in a unique way. Many people come here thinking they will find something new to discover in the world, and they do. However, many of them discover that there is always more to experience and enjoy that is waiting just around the corner.

Why not discover it for yourself?

At Select Caribbean, we welcome the chance to introduce others to our world here in Sosua and Cabarete. We live here and we love it! We also love to share this place with others and welcome you to our community of excitement and wonder.

Whether you are seeking the vacation of a lifetime or a new place to call home, we want to help make your dreams a reality, right here.

North Coast Happenings!

Dominican Republic North Coast News!

2017 was a year full of promise for the North Coast of the Dominican Republic! The re-opening of several existing hotels and the arrival of some new names to the area show promise for the immediate future.

On-going renovations:

The venerable Victoria, owned and operated by the VH group, has been renovated and has re-opened as the VH Atmosphere,

VH Atmosphere Hotel in Playa Dorada

The former Celuisma in Playa Dorada is now owned by Grupo Hodelpa and has reopened after a complete renovation as the Emotions Puerto Plata,

Lastly, the well-known Sol de Plata hotel near Cabarete is currently undergoing a total makeover and will open later this year as the Aldiana Cabarete,

The Luxury Market:

The fabulous Playa Grande resort and golf course have been acquired by the Discovery Land Company and a multi-year upgrade of the Robert Trent Jones golf course and associated hotel and development properties is well underway. The Aman Hotel,, operated by the renowned Amanera Group, is located within the Playa Grande grounds. Expansion of the Aman Hotel is under consideration, as is the addition of other Ultra-Luxury hotel names.

Hotel Amanera, Playa Grande

The recent opening of Ani Villas,, near Rio San Juan, brings yet another luxury resort name to the north coast. Designed by celebrated architect, Sara Garcia, the beautiful, ultra-private resort complex is quite close to another Garcia creation, the Playa Grande Beach Club,

Playa Grande Beach Club

New Arrivals:

Senator Hotels, the well-known Andalusian company, has acquired the RIU Hotels in Maimon. This 1800 room property came under the operating control of Senator on 1 December, 017. In April of 2018, the existing RIU Bachata and RIU Merengue will revert to Senator Hotel’s control and will be re-named.


With the recent opening of the Carnival Cruise Lines’ new destination facility at Amber Cove has come an on-going effort to beautify and renovate roads, bridges, and landmarks in the Puerto Plata area. The Colonial Zone has seen an extensive renovation of buildings and streets, and the Puntilla Auditorium has been renewed and is currently in use.

In addition, Puerto Plata’s international airport (POP) has seen the addition of new flights from North America and Europe. In short, the North Coast is more popular than ever before!

Translated from Spanish into English. Written by Pedro Sanchez Rivas.

Plaza Central in Puerto Plata

Puntilla Auditorium in Puerto Plata

Innovative Ways To Start Social Change in the Dominican Republic

There is an exciting Dominican Republic Business Opportunity – Brave Soles is one them.

We recently sat down with the founder of Brave Soles, Christal Earle. We wanted to hear from her why the Dominican Republic is the perfect place for a social venture such as Brave Soles.

Dominican Republic Business Opportunity

Christel Earle & Brave Soles

What are Brave Soles about?

We are handmade leather shoes and accessories that use recycled tires for the soles. We incorporate tires in unique and fashionable ways into all of our designs. We also have a foundation in our business model that is focused on helping landfill workers generate small enterprise through micro-financing and training in businesses focused on recycling and upcycling.

Dominican Republic Business Opportunity

Brave Soles are made out of old tires

You make it clear on the Brave Soles website that this is not a charity. What makes you different?

I believe in charity. In fact, I co-founded one that is thriving today.

I do believe charity can be the first step towards helping. However, the most powerful change happens when we recognize and act upon what we can begin to change for ourselves. This is why we are excited about the jobs and training that we are helping to create. Brave Soles is a Dominican Republic Business Opportunity with lots of success so far. 

Brave Soles are not a basic sandal, who designs the sandals? Where does the style inspiration come from?

This has been the best and most fun part of what we do!

We work with an artisan in Puerto Plata who is highly skilled in leather designs. He and I work on each new design idea that I come to him with. We get our inspiration from a variety of places. However, the most inspiration comes from the idea of timeless classics with subtle updated twists, such as our gladiator sandals and our Spanish Avarcas.

Dominican Republic Business Opportunity

Brave Sole Sandals

Why did you choose to work with artisans in the Dominican Republic? How is this project aiming to be the more sustainable long-term?

We work on achieving sustainable change on two levels.

First, we work with local artisans who are already skilled in their trade. They are highly qualified to create our shoes, they just need access to the market to generate a fair living wage.

On the second level of our business model, we have a foundation, which is funded by our sales.

That foundation is working with people from the garbage dumps to help sponsor them to go to adult education and technical skill training classes.

Dominican Republic Business Opportunity

Mirabal Handbag

What do you want people to know about Brave Soles?

We are proud of our brand and we are proud to be located here in the Dominican Republic. 

Every single pair of shoes are put together with love, dignity, and pride – and they have a beautiful story to tell.

We exist to help the world see the possibilities of recycling, hope, and social enterprise differently. 

We love being here on the north coast.

The Dominican Republic is a great place for businesses like ours because the community and country are very open and welcoming to startups. This is a great Dominican Republic business opportunity.

Find out more about Christal and Brave Soles at

What a View! Beachfront Condos Sosua

Sosua - Generals beach in front of Hispaniola Beach

Sosua – Generals beach in front of Hispaniola Beach

Beachfront condos Sosua are now available in picturesque, wood-clad, Victorian-style buildings surrounded by beautiful gardens, palm trees, and red-flowered, Royal Poinciana trees.

Your opportunity to purchase top-of-the-line Sosua real estate.

Beachfront Condos Sosua

Beachfront Condos in Sosua

The development is on prime, waterfront property on a broad sand beach overlooking crystal-clear, turquoise waters with a view of majestic Mt. Isabela in Puerto Plata in the distance. Adjacent to the beach is an Infiniti pool and Jacuzzi. The grounds are made with wide sidewalks to use with golf carts to move heavy luggage or carry groceries.

You will have all the amenities one can imagine in these spacious, open, airy and full-of-light units of two and three bedrooms, each with its own bath. The colors of the units are warm and soft, so you get that “Caribbean feel,” which is why you come here in the first place.

Sosua condos

Sosua condos

The customized, fully-equipped, designer kitchens have granite preparation and breakfast counter tops. The utensils, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, cooking range, hood and stainless steel equipment have been specially chosen for style and beauty, yet with practicality and quality in mind.

The living and dining rooms face the balcony and the great outdoors. Leave the sliding doors of the picture window open and the outside and the inside merge to become one. Additionally, each unit comes with a relaxing Jacuzzi.

Sosua condos for sale

Sosua condos for sale

This epitomizes Sosua property for sale at its best. The location is ideal, close to downtown Sosúa where most restaurants, hotels, residential developments, drug stores, shops, banks, and supermarkets are located.

Check these out. There is only so much prime, beachfront real estate. When they are gone, they are gone. Rental pool and management are available.

Prices starting at US$286,000 depending on location and floor level. Financing is available! More information here.

Want to Buy a Foreign Property? Here are Four Ways to Save Time and Money.

Buying a foreign property doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. In fact, you might be surprised at the simple steps you can take along the way to save time and money.

Buying a foreign property can be attractive for many reasons:

  • favorable exchange rates for prospective buyers
  • choosing tourism hot spots
  • long-term plans for retirement or family vacations

However, foreign property ownership is also an investment and a serious commitment. It deserves due process when considering any possible transaction.

Educating yourself can ensure that you save money buying foreign property –  and on the transaction.

Save money buying foreign property, Dominican Republic

Residential Gated Community in Sosua

Here are four ways to save time and money when buying a foreign property:

1.Know Your Market And Save Money

Most foreign property purchasers like to rent an apartment or property before making the destination a permanent vacation spot.

According to the BBC, buyers can ask themselves a few basic questions to discover whether this is the right property or place for them.

It’s important to remember that like everywhere else, property markets like the Dominican Republic also go through their own trends and cycles.

If prices are dropping in the United States, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dropping in the Caribbean.

Because of this, it is imperative that a prospective buyer monitors these trends.

It is also wise to compare prices with local rents to understand property valuations.

2. Obtain Legal Assistance and professional help

One of your initial priorities should be to obtain professional legal assistance.

By seeking expertise in local laws you are protecting yourself from any potential scams or unforeseen issues.

They can also ensure that all routine procedures are done correctly. This includes owner registration, property title, planning consent, and any necessary permits.

In addition, it is better to do business only with professional real estate agencies or with reputable developers who understand the process.

The bottom line is, private transactions by owners can be risky.

We also recommend that all documents are professionally translated into your own language.

3. Obtain the Right Mortgages

While most foreign buyers purchase foreign property against their own home, it is also worth considering a local mortgage.

In particular, this is important if the property is an investment that will generate a local income.

One key advantage of seeking a local mortgage is that loans may still be available on favorable terms – especially if the local economy remains stagnant or depressed.

In addition to this, you may discover that your country of purchase has a much wider range of finance options and even lower rates.

However, getting one is not always easy, as foreign banks are often strict when it comes to who they lend to.

4. Save Money on Currency Transactions

Once you have obtained an attractive purchase price on your foreign home and favorable terms on your mortgage, the next step is to get the best terms on your foreign currency transaction.

Although your banks will undoubtedly offer foreign currency exchange services, their terms are typically not the most favorable. In fact, they often include higher margins on rates, steeper transaction fees, and limited transaction amounts.

Whether you are paying in full, setting up a mortgage payment, or just making a deposit, there are better alternatives available. Specialist foreign exchange brokers are most commonly the best deal on large currency transactions and their rates are considerably better than banks. While the rate difference may seem minuscule at only 1 to 2 percent, that can add up to significant savings when dealing with large sums.

One key advantage of using a foreign exchange broker is that many will permit you to reserve transactions at fixed rates as long as one year in advance. Therefore, you can reserve a favorable rate without needing to send money immediately.

In fact, it’s quite possible that prospective buyers can save thousands with a foreign exchange specialist.

And above all, don’t forget your personal tax implications.

The location of your mortgage could have a significant effect on how your property is valued and taxed by your home country. You will need to consider capital gains and rental income as that will impact tax returns locally and abroad.

The most important key is to stay informed every step of the way.

Research is the key to success and being prepared. The key to a successful transaction is to make it an informed one.

I would love your thoughts on this too. Leave me a comment on my Facebook Page which is SelectCaribbean.

Save money buying foreign property, Dominican Republic

Playground in Your Residential Community

Helping Dominican Dogs and Cats on the North Coast

We all have different goals when visiting the Caribbean. Many are visiting our island to help Domincian Republic Rescued Dogs.

One beautiful Dominican Republic Rescued Dogs story is Fergie’s. Tom and Tanya found her on the road on her way to Santiago. The poor girls were burned all over her body. Luckily Tom and Tanya took her home, healed her and she had a wonderful recovery and was then adopted by Canadians.

Dominican Republic rescued dogs


Living in the Dominican Republic provides many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people and animals.

One group of animal lovers, recently formed and growing rapidly, is known as DCDR, or Dogs and cats of the Dominican Republic. A dedicated, all-volunteer group, DCDR provides food and medication to more than 2,000 street dogs and cats in a widening area of the north coast from Sabaneta to Luperon and including Sosua, Cabarete and parts of Puerto Plata.

DCDR also provides frequent spay-neuter clinics and recently launched its “Rescue-Rover”, a converted airport hotel van that contains two operating suites.

Dominican Republic Rescued Dogs

Mobile Operation Van

DCDR is 100% volunteer, meaning that every penny donated is used to benefit the animals of the Dominican Republic. Many residents, both foreign and Dominican, volunteer in the various outreach programs that treat animals and educate their owners. The results are stunning!

Where just a few years ago, the sight of mal- nourished and sick dogs roaming the streets and beaches of the north coast was fairly common, it is now rare and DCDR aims to ensure that it disappears entirely.

Select Caribbean Properties is a strong supporter of DCDR and urges interested persons to volunteer and to donate. Their website, which contains all pertinent information, is:

A small donation to DCDR can make a real difference to all the Dominican Republic rescued dogs, and just a few hours a month of volunteer time can change the lives of many animals.

The mission statement of DCDR says it all: 

Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization whose mission is to significantly improve the health and welfare of the dogs and cats of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Our mission will be accomplished through the commitment and compassion of our volunteers. Volunteer efforts will incorporate hands-on assistance, education of pet owners, residents and tourists, and provision of basic medical support which will include parasite treatment and emergency medical care.

We will also provide foster care and find forever homes for Dominican Republic rescued dogs. Furthermore, we provide emergency pet food supplies and strive to reduce overpopulation via spay/neuter programs. We are committed to an unparalleled community outreach program that connects our experienced volunteers to both the animals, and the Dominican and Haitian people. Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic will also act as good stewards of our contributors’ donations, and strive to foster community spirit and partnerships with individuals and local businesses for the benefit of all.

Dominican Republic rescued dogs

Pup is looking for a home

Dominican Republic Villa Rentals

Dominican Republic Villa Rentals near Cabarete on the beach!

Cabarete luxury vacation villa

Near Cabarete, luxury four bedroom beach front villa for rent

This luxury four bedrooms beachfront villa is an extraordinary creation, a beachfront home located within one of the Dominican Republic’s premier residential resort communities. Crafted of the finest materials, finished in the finest Caribbean luxury style, this home will appeal to the romantic while satisfying those concerned with the thoughtfulness of detail.

Featuring 4 airy ocean view bedrooms, each with bath and private covered terrace, the home’s common areas, living, dining, media room and commercial-style chef’s kitchen encourage a sense of togetherness while allowing privacy in terrace nooks and secret garden spots. And most inspiring of all are the views across the infinity pool and velvety lawn, through a grove of coconut palms, to the blue ocean and fringing reef beyond.
The villa is available as a luxury vacation rental. Whether planning a Dominican Republic vacation, wedding, family reunion or corporate retreat, this magnificent home, ably staffed by knowledgeable and accommodating help, will enchant you. Daily or weekly plans, with or without a chef, are possible. The memories you create with these Dominican Republic villa rentals will last a lifetime.

This villa rents as a vacation home on a daily or weekly basis. The property combines relaxation and tropical ambiance which you will never forget.

Send us an email to reserve this amazing rental experience.

Dominican Republic North Coast Rentals

Have you traveled to the Dominican Republic a few times and liked it enough to possibly live here. Come and check out our Dominican Republic North Coast Rentals.

All kinds of Dominican Republic north coast rentals are available and may afford the prospective buyer or those seeking long-or-short-term vacation rentals a viable alternative to hotels.

Dominican Republic North Coast Rentals

Four Bedroom Villa For Rent

Vacation rentals in the Dominican Republic are offered for every budget. Villa rentals & condo rentals in major towns such as Sosua or Cabarete are popular, particularly beachfront rentals in Cabarete and Sosua. Stunning villas are available, some fully staffed, offering fabulous amenities such as horseback riding, private beaches, and mini-spas. A villa rental in the Dominican Republic will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Hill top ocean view rental villa

Luxury Villa for rent and for sale

If one is considering living in the Dominican Republic, it is advisable to rent in the area in which one believes they will eventually settle. Selecting the type of residence, whether a condo, small house or substantial villa, is important as it will provide a more realistic living experience. Select Caribbean Properties lists many long-term rentals in Cabarete, Sosua and Cabrera….and everywhere in between.

Many clients prefer to rent in established projects either on the beach, in town or in the hills behind Sosua, Cabarete or Cabrera. Selected country projects offer rentals of smaller condos, houses or villas for very reasonable rates. Many offer pools and community amenities such as tennis courts and shady kiosks for gathering with friends.

pool with ocean view

Beachfront condo in Cabarete

The Beachfront condo projects of Cabarete and Sosua offer magnificent groupings of contemporary buildings placed around common areas, all with stunning ocean views. Your Dominican Republic vacation, whether for a week or a few months, will pass pleasurably and without stress. And the water-sports activities such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, dinghy sailing and long-or-short board surfing will fill your days with healthy fun.

Cabrera luxury villa rental

Cabrera Luxury Villa

The pinnacle of the Dominican Republic vacation rental market is occupied by some of the most breathtaking villas in all the Caribbean. One, a 15,000 square-foot masterpiece, occupies an oceanfront cliff top near Cabrera. From this fabulous vacation villa, one wanders down a winding path to a private sandy beach. The lighted clay tennis court will have you running in the cooler hours while half a dozen horses stand ready to take you on a mountain excursion. The trained staff often will pamper you. It will be just as you envisioned your Dominican Republic rental villa would be…and more!

The Dominican Food Culture as a Reflection of Cultural Aspects

Dominican Food Culture has a lot in common with the gastronomic traditions of the neighboring islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as with the country it shares the island of Hispaniola with, Haiti.

The Dominican Food Culture has less in common with other Latin American countries, although there are some shared traditions there too.

The different cultural influences that combined to make the Dominican people are also reflected in their favorite foods. The three primary ingredients in this recipe are Spanish, Taino, and African, with a peppering of Italian, Chinese and Arab.


Fish with plantains

The breakfast buffet will always include mangú, which is a savory puree made with mashed plantains, yautía (taro) or yuca (cassava). Another variation of mangú is ‘mazamorra’, made with the pumpkin-like squash known in the Dominican Republic as ‘auyama’.

‘Mangú’ is traditionally served with fried red onions, and can also be accompanied by fried white cheese, eggs or salami.

Tropical fruits are eaten at breakfast and other times of the day. This is one attraction that the foreign visitor will always be drawn to, even if he or she is unadventurous when it comes to prepared dishes. Papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, and the sweetest bananas you will ever taste are always in season. When it is the time of year for mangos, you will be in mango heaven. There are also several less familiar fruits like ‘jagua’ and ‘zapote’ that you might wish to try, either as juice or by eating the fruit itself.

fruits plate

Caribbean Fruits

Lunch is always ‘La Bandera Dominicana’ – the Dominican Flag – which is made up of bean stew, white rice, and meat. There are many variations of this tricolor treat. The beans can be black, red, white or ‘guandules’ (pigeon peas). The rice is usually white, but Dominicans sometimes also make rice with noodles, rice with sweet corn, or rice with vegetables. The meat can be chicken, beef, pork or goat, and these are made in any number of ways too: stewed, fried or roasted. Codfish stew is sometimes served instead of the ‘meat’ option. The ‘bandera’ is usually served with a small mixed salad or a plate of boiled vegetables.

Caribbean Food

Caribbean Dish

On the menus, you will see mentions of ‘salsa Criolla’ or Creole sauce, which is the Dominican name for a vegetable based sauce made with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes, which can be combined with fish, shrimp, chicken or other meats. Other popular sauces or seasonings include ‘al ajillo’ – garlic sauce, or ‘a la crema’ – similar to a béchamel sauce.

The evening meal is usually light and can be a variation on what is eaten at breakfast, a simple sandwich, and a hot drink, or in the hotter months, simply a glass of natural fruit juice. Dominicans are also particularly partial to ginger and lemon grass teas and thick hot chocolate drinks.

One of the enjoyable parts of discovering a new cuisine is encountering unfamiliar ingredients. ‘Yuca’ and ‘yautía’, ‘tayota’ (chayote or christophene) and ‘plátano’ (plantain) are virtually unknown in Europe and North America, which comes as a big surprise to many Dominicans for whom these foods are as familiar as cornflakes and milk are for the tourists. In addition, the visitor will find familiar ingredients prepared in new ways, like boiled green bananas which are commonly served as side vegetables.

On special occasions, Dominican Food Culture takes on a festive air. Sancocho, a thick stew made with up to seven types of meat and a large array of vegetables and tubers, is the ultimate Dominican party food. Christmas time is when families get together to share a roast suckling pig (lechón asado) accompanied by moro de guandules (rice and pigeon peas) and potato salad. At Easter, a large vat of the unique ‘habichuelas con dulce’ (sweet beans) bubbles on every Dominican household stove.

Chicken soup with lemongrass and avocado

Chicken Soup

Street corner food stands and roadside sellers are a picturesque part of the Dominican Food Culture. It is advisable to take this slowly if you are a newcomer to the country, because hygiene is not always that great, and your stomach is still adjusting to being in a different climate. Once you feel you are ready, frituras (fried snacks), chicharrones (pork rinds) pollo frito (fried chicken) and chimichurri (hamburgers) are all there for the taking.

A Freelancer’s Perspective on Working and Living in Cabarete

Kristina Paider

Cabarete Freelance Writer

Meet Kristina Paider, a Cabarete freelance researcher, writer, and editor based out of this famous surf town in the Dominican Republic.

Originally from Wisconsin, Kristina, a Cabarete freelance writer, has worked and lived in many locations around the globe. We wanted to find out what drew her to Cabarete and how she keeps her work/life balance when living abroad. Her answers might surprise – and encourage – you!

1. What drew you to Cabarete? 

I first came to Cabarete to do the “27 Waterfalls” as immersion therapy. After leading a rescue of two drowning boys, I developed panic attacks. I had tried several things (unsuccessfully) to quell them, and in 10 years, nothing had worked. I stayed because of the wonderfully diverse and supportive community of ex-pats, locals, entrepreneurs and water enthusiasts – it felt like home.

2. What do you do? 

I’m a writer, researcher, and editor. I help storytellers of all kinds – fiction and non-fiction, personal and business, craft their message to attract and engage a wider audience.

3. What’s a highlight of your life/work balance?

It’s hard to pick just one! It seems that here, time passes at a more relaxed pace, and there is always time for the things I want to do. Specifically, I love the mornings when I walk and swim with a friend from my writing group. Not only is it efficiently working multiple muscle groups, but we also get our brains in gear and problem-solve the next move in whatever material we’re working on.

Plus, we are in Cabarete Bay and use an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. We usually end up laughing hysterically at something – or everything. It’s hard to beat that. These are the most productive hours of my week.

Cabarete Real Estate, Dominican Republic

Cabarete Bay

4. What’s one or two tips you have for people seeking to make a move such as yours? 

Bring an open mind and a good attitude. Embrace and learn as much about your new surroundings as possible. If you try to re-create everything you had exactly as you had it at home, a move like this will be frustrating.

However, if you can embrace new things and entertain your curiosity, it could be the time of your life.

Also, you can do a gut-check with this question: “What would I regret more: DOING it, or NOT DOING it?” That’s usually a good barometer.

Kristina is one of the many freelance professionals that make up the growing mosaic of Cabarete. Our community is active, friendly and engaged in local connections.

Contact us now to find out more about how Select Caribbean Properties can help you relocate or enjoy a long term stay in Cabarete and the surrounding area.

Find out more about Kristina’s work at