3 Advantages Of Luxury Villas Over A Hotel

It’s not a surprise that luxury villas have become the trend, tempting travelers with offers of exotic locations, private beach access, and personal chefs.

Luxury villas are now the places where tourists stay for the period of their vacations, whenever they travel to the world to have a royalty treatment and a lifetime experience.

5-star hotels were once the ‘luxury experience’ most people craved. However, experiences are now edging towards more relaxed vacations where wellness, independence, and privacy are prioritized.

Luxury Villas - Dominican Republic

Private Pool


Luxury Villas are derived from the word “luxury” meaning a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. “Villa” is a large and luxurious country house in its own grounds.
According to Trip Advisor, Luxury Villa means a great comfort or elegance especially when
involving great expenses. More people prefer luxury villa than a hotel because the luxury villa is secured in terms of privacy and security.
Luxury villas are usually located at Green Islands like Bali in Indonesia, where people travel from around the world to explore to have a lifetime experience. In terms of Property Management luxury villas are eco-friendly and have a conducive environment for living.
Luxury villas located in the outskirts of the city and get more patronized by International
tourists. They usually found on an island to attract tourists coming to spend some couple of months on vacations, annual leave from work or during holidays.

According to Wikipedia, the term hotel is an establishment that provides a paid lodging on a short-term basis.
Hotel is made inside the city for people that come to attend workshops, seminars or any other thing happening in a short period of time, not for long stay.
Hotels are not that secured because of security issues CCTV camera captures all footage of everyone that walks into the premises on daily basis.
For the traveler eager to avoid crowded swimming pools, expensive food, and the general
busyness that a hotel atmosphere brings, here are 3 advantages that should convince you to choose a luxury villa rental for your next trip.

Advantages of Luxury Villas over Hotels

1. Luxury Villas have more Privacy.
One of the biggest advantages of staying in a luxury villa is privacy. And it’s offered at a level that even 5-star hotels can’t beat.
When you choose to stay in a villa you have a whole property to yourself, for guaranteed peace and serenity. The exclusivity plan of your own residence means that there are no obnoxious neighbors, and no other travelers to share your space with.
If you secure a villa with a gym, you can sweat without anyone looking; villas are so private that you can swim naked if that’s your thing!

2. More Reasons to stay in a villa over a hotel.
One of the biggest misconceptions about travel is the assumption that hotels offer the best rates. But if you are traveling with a group of people, or booking an extended stay, you’ll probably find that few hotels can compete with the value of money you get from renting a luxury villa.
Whether you are looking for two bedrooms or twelve, the room rates are often more affordable than a 5-star hotel. And with self-contained facilities, like a full kitchen, laundry, and other amenities like a swimming pool and gym, you’ll also save significantly on expensive charges for food, drink, and activities.
Depending on the size of your family or group, a villa could cost as little as $100 per person or couple per night. And that is for an exclusive property, often with a private pool, beach access, and separate pavilions.
From all this researched and analysis Luxury Villas are more secured in terms of privacy, fast internet, good food, eco-friendly environmental, royal experience, best tourist experience and much more while Hotels are usually for local travelers which usually lodge for a short period of time.

3. Luxury Etcetera
Most of the best luxury villas are actually holiday homes of the rich and the passionate. Here are some of the perks you can expect in the villas. Mostly, owners guide the design of the villas and themselves stay in the villa; hence, villas are usually more lavish, grand and at the same time exude a homely feel. Antique and reclaimed wood furniture, elegant interiors with collectible paintings, tropical gardens with day beds, balconies facing the beach and the setting sun, spacious bathrooms with baths overlooking nature are some of the common features.
The owners usually use the service of an expert in Property Management, staff, facilities and comfort features of the villa, hence when its available for rent you can expect the same high quality of service and sense of loyalty from the staff. Special Gardens, fully equipped kitchen with oven and barbecue, big bathrooms and cinema rooms are some features hard to match, even from some of the best five-star hotels.

Luxury Villas - Dominican Republic

Outdoor Terrace

Luxury Homes in Sosua, Cabarete and Cabrera, North Coast

Beautiful Dominican Republic Villas

Luxury Villa located between Sosua and Cabarete DR

Luxury Vacation Villa in Hacienda El Choco, Sosua/Cabarete

Each year, the expatriate population of the Dominican Republic grows as foreigners discover the beauty and warmth of this diverse, colorful Caribbean country, the Dominican Republic. As a result, architects, planners, and builders have created a full range of options for the prospective home-buyer, from modest homes containing a bedroom or two too large, elegant Dominican Republic villas that cater to every imaginable whimsy. The brief agreed upon by those providing housing to persons wishing to retire in the Dominican Republic or raise a family in paradise is simple: the final product must take advantage of the spectacular climate, require little maintenance and provide the owner with a sense of “home”.

Dominican Republic Villas are to be found in many areas of the north coast. Beachfront villas with infinity-edge pools reflecting the sky are available up and down the coast from west of Puerto Plata to Sosua, from Cabarete to Cabrera and the charming villages of the Samana Peninsula, and from north to the south of Punta Cana and La Romana. Some perch behind the primary dune with sand and surf right outside the back door. Others rise from cliffs and give out onto the reefs just offshore and the deep water beyond where the humpback whales feed on December to early April. Browse our website to get an idea.

Family Home in Sosua for sale

Family Home in Hispaniola Residential Sosua

For those preferring the hills and their cool night breezes, Dominican Republic villas of all types and sizes are available on the high ground just behind the coastal towns. Views of the green ridges and verdant valleys may be had out one side of a mountain home while from the other, wide, panoramic views of the sea and shore below may be enjoyed. In the evening, in a well-designed villa in the hills, a cooling breeze will refresh one while dining al fresco beneath a sky sparkling with stars, completely free of the light-pollution so often seen in urban areas of Europe or North America.

Vacation Rental Villa in Cabrera

Vacation Rental Villa in Cabrera, north coast of DR

Many homes are built in gated communities, and some of these provide a level of security and range of amenities often seen in the United States. Once inside one of these projects, one is struck immediately by a sense of calm and orderliness. Children ride bikes with tennis rackets over their shoulders, headed for a clinic. Adults stroll on well-manicured pathways, often with dogs along for a daily walk. People wave to each other.

There are also well-planned residential communities that are more modest in nature. Lots are a little smaller, but in well-designed ones, villas are arranged to both take advantage of views and breezes while providing privacy in pool areas. Very reasonable pricing in some of these gated projects attracts buyers seeking second homes as well as those wishing to purchase a primary residence in the Dominican Republic. In addition, many communities promote and maintain active rental programs that allow villa-owners the benefits of some months in their houses while providing income when not owner-occupied.

Vacation Rental Villa

Rental Vacation Villa in Sea Horse Ranch, Cabarete

On the other hand, some will prefer to live on a large piece of land, possibly a farm. Often, these individualists will grow a crop like cocoa or coffee or raise animals. They will build a family home with outbuildings and garden beds and hydroponic ponds. Some will raise fish or freshwater shrimp. On many of these homesteads, children run and play with dogs in a life some would describe as idyllic.

Architectural styles range from traditional Spanish or Tuscan with stuccoed walls and barrel-tile roofs to ultra-modern, flat-roofed buildings with cantilevered overhangs and floor-to-ceiling glass. Most Dominican Republic villas are built of concrete block and poured concrete “skeleton”. Roofs are often wood and just as often concrete. But it is the wide range of finishes available that make these homes elegant and beautiful. Much natural stone is quarried here, and tile of porcelain, clay or stone are widely available. And once built, the property receives the real beautification in the form of gardens. An inexpensive garden of cuttings and small plants will blossom in just a few months into something stunningly rich and exotic.

In summary, anything a client can imagine can be created in the Dominican Republic.  Talented architects inspired interior designers, and competent builders will combine to provide true value and lasting quality. Whether buying an existing villa or creating a new one from scratch, the possibilities are as wide as the imagination.