Sea Horse Ranch, a lovely residential villa resort on the north shore of the Dominican Republic

Check out this neighborhood, Sea Horse Ranch!

Sea Horse Ranch near Cabarete, on the north shore of Dominican Republic, is a lovely residential villa resort to own a second home or rent a vacation villa for your next holiday. What a great place to spend your time!

Today I took a bike ride around the area and checked out the beautiful Equestrian Center and the beach club restaurant. These two facilities are most impressive!

Beach Club Restaurant

Sea Horse Ranch Beach Club Restaurant

Residential gated communities, DR

Beach Club Outdoor Terraces

Equestrian Center

Equestrian Center

The horses at the barn are very well cared for. Most are privately owned and there are also horses owned by the ranch which is used for their trail riding business. I would recommend this outfit over any other I have yet seen in the Dominican Republic.

There are many beautiful private homes in this gated community, like this one below in the photo, Villa Windward. Each of them has well maintained, tropically landscaped yards and the streets are lined with palms and meandering sidewalks which invite one to take a casual saunter down to the beach area.

Villa Windward in Sea Horse Ranch

Villa Windward in Sea Horse Ranch

Here I found the most picturesque ocean overlook, complete with lounge chairs on small and private peninsula overlooks and a pool with a landscaped waterfall effect.

Next, I took the meandering walkway through the woods and found my way to the restaurant which sits in the most spectacular location. Perched upon the limestone cliff above the ocean with turquoise waves breaking below, it is an open-air dining room with glass walls which makes for a breathtaking view from any table. They serve lunch and dinner daily.

Sea Horse Ranch Restaurant

Sea Horse Ranch Beach Club dining

For anyone looking for a prime real estate in the Dominican Republic, be it a home or empty lot on which to build your dream house, Sea Horse Ranch is the perfect location.

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Residential gated communities, DR

Aerial View

Frequent Dominican Republic Home Buyer Questions

Buying a new home or property in the Dominican Republic is an important decision and wise buyers ask lots of questions.

Those questions help give them clarity and assurance about the decisions they are making.

However, some of the answers to those questions may seem elusive when you are first looking into property in another country. Over the years, I have had many clients ask many of the same questions that you might be wondering about as well.

Here are the 11 Most Common Home Buyer Questions I am asked:

1. What is the first step to buying a property in the Dominican Republic?

The very first step is to begin to look at properties with your realtor. This can be done in its initial stages online, but you will eventually want to arrive here in person and get a feel for what you like and desire in your home. It all depends on what you like. Owning a home in a residential villa development, purchasing a beachfront condo or buying a farm to raise cattle.

2. How long does the process take?

Property closings are generally 30­ – 60 days but are subject to the agreement between the buyer and the seller. On a closing day, an agreement is signed between the buyer and the seller, or someone can act on our “power of attorney” to sign for you. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

3. What can I expect the realtor to do?

You should first expect your realtor to walk through the properties with you and answer all of your questions. If they don’t know the answers, your realtor should be able to assure you that they will do their best to find out for you. When you decide to buy a property, your realtor will arrange a meeting with a lawyer to discuss further details that need to be determined.

4. What’s your best advice for first-time buyers in the Dominican Republic?

My best advice for first-time buyers here is to have an open discussion with your realtor to gain the most clarity on what you want for a property purchase. Know what you are willing to compromise on in terms of size, rooms, etc. and what you are NOT willing to compromise. This simple step will help you also get clear on what you don’t want to spend time looking at. Time is valuable. By working together, we can make the most of it for both of us. We also have a wide variety of gated residential communities that we recommend. You can find those here.

Frequent Dominican Republic Home Buyer Questions

Sea Horse Ranch Beachclub

5. How do I finance a home purchase in the Dominican Republic?

Generally speaking, financing is not recommended here. There are, however, some residential communities that are now offering to finance. To find out more about this, we have an article here to help you.

6. Are there any special types of taxes I need to know about?

  • Most properties are held in Dominican Corporation names, which give you two major advantages. One is not having to pay any transfer taxes.
  • You simply transfer the Corporation which contains the only asset: the property you are buying. The second is the avoidance of any inheritance issues. If the property is not held in a Dominican corporation, you will need to pay a land transfer tax.

7. Do I need to be a resident to purchase a home in the Dominican Republic?

No, you do not. This is yet another reason that makes it such a favourable place to buy property.

8. I want to live close to the beach! What do I need to know?

The beach is a beautiful place to call home. However, wise homeowners will be mindful of the fact that electronics and devices are easily susceptible to salt and rust. If you plan on building on the beach, we recommend you take this into consideration with the initial plans of the house to avoid future frustrations.

9. Will health care be an issue?

Dependable, private medical care is available in every town and city on the north coast. Comprehensive medical care offered in the bigger cities on the island, including Puerto Plata. We also have a private nationwide ambulance service. You can find a list of services here.

10. Our kids will need to go to school! Where can we look?

We have many great private schools in the Dominican Republic. Prices vary, but to find a list, please go here.

Frequent Dominican Republic Home Buyer Questions

International School of Sosua

11. How easy is it to get to the supermarket?

We have many supermarkets along the north coast. With a growing international population, our supermarkets often delight and surprise visitors with their variety of available international specialities. Our top choices in Sosua can be found here.

Frequent Dominican Republic Home Buyer Questions

Supermarket Playero

Those of us who live here in the Dominican Republic love it. Our quality of life is wonderful and our warm local culture and community reflect that reality.

Contact me today to find out how you can begin to make your lifestyle dreams a reality.

Dominican Republic Real Estate Market is Picking up

Dominican Republic Real Estate Market

Many positive changes have happened to the north coast of the island and for that reason, the Domincan Republic real estate market is picking up.

Flights from the US, Canada, and Europe are bringing thousands of tourists to the north coast resort communities of the Dominican Republic. Real estate professionals, including the dedicated agents at Select Caribbean Properties, noted a distinct uptick in inquiries and showings as the “high season” of Dominican Republic Real Estate in Cabarete and Sosua appeared to be off to an early start.

View of Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

The long-anticipated opening of Amber Cove, the luxurious new Carnival Cruise Lines port and tourist village at Maimon, just west of Puerto Plata, kicked off in early October with the arrival of the first ship of the 2015-16 season. The Carnival Victory arrived on October 6, carrying nearly 3000 guests, and hundreds fanned out into Puerto Plata and nearby North Coast towns wanting to experience the beauty of the Dominican Republic’s historic North Coast. A second ship, Carnival Fantasy, tied up at Amber Cove on the 15th of October. Dozens more arrivals are scheduled between now and April of 2016, and the exciting new Dominican Republic destination is proving to be a huge success, according to Carnival.

Promenade of the Amber Cove Cruise Port

Carnival Cruise Port near Puerto Plata

At the moment, Carnival Cruise Lines and associated companies, plan only 1-day stops at Amber Cove as part of 1-week cruises originating in Miami. But in years to come, Carnival will offer 2-week packages that include a week aboard ship and a week ashore in the beautiful North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Many view this as a potential boom to

Many view this as a potential boom to the Dominican Republic Real Estate market as Cruise Line guests seek Rental Villas and Rental Condos in Cabarete, Sosua and greater Puerto Plata. Real estate professionals agree that some of these visitors will end up as buyers in the quickly-expanding North Coast Dominican Republic luxury real estate market.

Those of us who live here see excitement and action in coming years as more and more visitors explore the beautiful North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Aside from Carnival Cruise Lines’ newly-opened facility, Royal Caribbean is planning a port near Playa Dorada, between Puerto Plata and Sosua. Airlines have begun increasing service into Puerto Plata (POP) International Airport as well as nearby Santiago (STI) International Airport. A wave is coming, and now is the time to invest in everything from luxury villas to beachfront condos in the expanding real estate market on the Dominican Republic’s North Coast.

Sosua Beach with view to Puerto Plata

Sosua Bay with mountain Torre de Isabella in Puerto Plata


Private, Peaceful & Sensational Location

Beautiful Hacienda El Choco Home is now finished and for sale for US$ 595,000

This very beautiful 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom Hacienda El Choco Home has, in addition,  2 powder rooms and 2 outdoor showers and is located in the residential gated community in Haciendas El Choco. The home is now finished and occupied by its satisfied owners who decided to move to the Dominican Republic.

The 325 square meter big house features a generous infinity-edge pool, Coraline pool terrace, a kiosk with bar, half bath, and outdoor shower and 2.000 square meters of landscaping. The house boasts some really unusual features such as polished Coraline and oak floors, stone wall finishes, custom kitchen and mahogany windows & doors. A few extras, specified by the owner, were a 12-panel solar array with inverter and batteries, solar hot water heater and extensive additional landscaping that included a dozen large palms, hedges and specimen beds. The total construction time was 7 1/2 month.

Select Caribbean Properties still has a few lots for sale in this beautiful residential gated community which is located between Sosua and Cabarete on the north shore of the Dominican Republic only a few minutes drive from supermarkets, restaurants, and beaches.

We are offering real estate, architecture, construction, landscaping, and decoration service. We would like to give you a tour for your convenience. Send us an email to arrange a viewing or call us at 809-885-2260.


Kitchen of the 3 bedroom home in Hacienda El Choco

Dining & Living area with stone wall

Home Villa Real Estate Hacienda El Choco Sosua-Cabarete DR

Living Room with beautiful stone wall

Home Real Estate Bathroom Cabarete


New home pool real estate Cabarete Dominican Republic

Backyard with infinity pool

Cabarete, Hacienda El Choco, Terrace

Terrace with wood beams


Main Entrance

Backyard of the villa

Backyard with pool

Kiosk and pool

Pool with kiosk