Unique Dominican Republic Farm near Cabrera

An exceptionally beautiful 571 acres (2.311.953 square meters) Dominican Republic farm, lies high in the lush coastal range behind the seaside village of Abreu, near Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Just an hour from the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) is this very special Dominican Republic farm with inspiring ocean views. Verdant forests of Acacia trees are connected by 2 miles (3km) of interior roads.

775 meters (900 feet) above sea level in places, this unique piece of real estate farmland represents an opportunity to live and invest in the Dominican Republic. The property includes smaller streams and several ponds. The larger ponds are stocked with trout while the river teems with freshwater shrimp. Many wild animals call this property home; these include parrots, wild turkeys, owls, and javelin.

Farm View Cabarera Abreu Dominican Republic

Tropical meadow view of the farm in Abreu

New to the property is a three-bedroom farmhouse with its own kitchen & living room. The house is totally off the grid. It has its own solar hot water heater and an independent electrical system with solar panels, batteries, and an inverter.

At the moment, the farm supports 500 cows, producing both milk and grass-fed beef. Working infrastructure includes miles of fencing and a farmhouse. But the real gem of the farm is the park-like plateau located in a high section of the property. Here, an island of perfect peace exists where trade wind breezes and panoramic views of mountains and the sea combine to form a setting unrivaled anywhere.

This Dominican Republic farm stands alone in the wide array of Dominican Real Estate offerings. Perfectly suited as a gentleman’s farm or large family compound, the property also has great potential for development. A boutique spa hotel with miles of walking nature trails would go well here. So, too, would a community of luxury homes, each with inspiring views and perfect privacy.

The farm is just a few miles from the fabulous Robert Trent Jones 18-hole golf course at Playa Grande. Wonderful beaches and great fishing are just minutes away. The farm was purchased 12 years ago and is now on the market again and represented by Select Caribbean Properties.

Farm Cattle Grazing Cabrera Abreu Dominican Republic

Dairy Farm in Abreu/Cabrera

Fish Pond on Farm in Cabrera Abreu Dominican Republic

Fish Pond on-farm in Cabrera

5 Reasons to Buy Dominican Republic Real Estate

Are you looking at real estate in the Caribbean? Why consider buying in the Dominican Republic?

With a strong and stable economy, the Dominican Republic is continuing to grow and is attracting buyers from around the world.

The excitement is contagious – and there’s a reason why.

For example, the Dominican Republic’s real estate prices are among the lowest in the Caribbean.

However, don’t mistake low prices for low quality. The current low prices are actually a reflection of values to be discovered in the market.

Here are 5 reasons to consider purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic.

1. Expansive Beachfront Bargains

Across the world, beachfront real estate remains in high demand. In fact, in most locations is also comes with a very high price tag.

However, this is not yet the case in the young luxury market of the Dominican Republic.

Beautiful villas and oceanfront condominiums are yet within the reach of many real estate investors.

Buy Dominican Republic Real Estate

Beachfront Condos in Cabarete

2. Rising Tourism

Tourism continues to grow in the Dominican Republic.

However, the quality of tourism is also rising with the numbers. In 2018, we had 6.5 million visitors:

“While sun and beach remain the country’s most sought attractions, the Dominican Republic continues to work to expand its competitive offerings in the tourism marketplace.
Between adventurous Puerto Plata, lush Samaná, sunny Punta Cana, luxe La Romana, historic Santo Domingo and more, the country prides itself on offering something for every type of traveler and budget. ” 

As you can see, there is a lot to get excited about the growth in the tourism market!

3. Strong Rental Yields

Tourism is changing the face of the rental market in the Dominican Republic. As a result, many visitors now seek apartments, condos, and villas for their stay.

In short, they want to have a more authentic experience of what life is like in this beautiful country.

As a result, tourism is rising much faster than the number of available units in the commercial sector. This is helping to create a great opportunity for private owners to achieve strong yields.

Luxury villa, Cabarete, Sea-horse-ranch, Dominican Republic

Contemporary Villa in Sea Horse Ranch – Beach Access

4. Long Term Capital Growth Potential

Prices are low, tourism is growing, the economy is growing, and yields are good.

As the economy grows, the market’s stability improves. With continual infrastructure upgrades, eyes are quickly turning to our beautiful country.

This cycle is known to push up real estate values by a considerable amount over the long term.

5. Professional Help is Close at Hand

Navigating a real estate purchase in a foreign country can seem intimidating.

However, here in the Dominican Republic, we have excellent pathways to land and homeownership.

These pathways are found through working with trusted and reliable real estate agents. When choosing an agent, be sure to consider

  • experience and network
  • visible website client referrals
  • their ability to communicate with transparency
  • your own level of comfort

At Select Caribbean, we want to help you find the best fit for you. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you.

Unique Cabrera Oceanfront lot

Oceanfront Lot in Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Here’s Why Sosua and Cabarete are the Jewels of the Dominican Republic

Sosua & Cabarete are more than just towns on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. They are filled with an allure that continues to entice visitors and residents from around the globe.

People may first choose to visit Sosua and Cabarete for the weather or the promise of an adventure. However, they soon realize that there is so much more to experience.

In fact, there’s something for everyone. From water sports and outdoor adventures to lazy afternoons in the shade of a palm tree, you can find it here. From quiet nights into dinner parties and dancing until dawn, the options are numerous.

The natural beauty and rhythm of the north coast are found in the people that visit and live here. This is a place like no other.

In fact, this video seems to capture that spirit of adventure in a unique way. Many people come here thinking they will find something new to discover in the world, and they do. However, many of them discover that there is always more to experience and enjoy that is waiting just around the corner.

Why not discover it for yourself?

At Select Caribbean, we welcome the chance to introduce others to our world here in Sosua and Cabarete. We live here and we love it! We also love to share this place with others and welcome you to our community of excitement and wonder.

Whether you are seeking the vacation of a lifetime or a new place to call home, we want to help make your dreams a reality, right here.

An Enticing Insight into the Dominican Republic Real Estate

An Enticing Insight into the Dominican Republic RE

The Dominican Republic is unique among Caribbean destinations for a number of important reasons. Large and diverse, the island country enjoys a tropical climate, lovely beaches, rich farmland, and a friendly, engaging population. Tourists find a wide array of attractions that will delight them from kite-boarding to horseback riding to white water rafting. Many return, year after year, and at some point, decide to invest in Dominican Republic Real Estate.

Dominican Republic RE

Endless beaches on the North Coast of the DR

The north coast of the Dominican Republic is widely regarded as the most scenic area of the country with its dazzling, wide beaches and lush coastal mountains. From Luperon to Cabrera, the visitor passes through historic towns like Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete. A sure sign that large-scale investment is coming is the recent opening of a major cruise ship port by Carnival Cruise Line. Many visitors, realizing that the area suits them, will choose to invest in real estate in this growing area.

Investing in Dominican Republic Real Estate in this beautiful country is very straightforward. Ownership of property by foreigners is absolute and relatively simple. The process is similar to that employed in European or US real estate transactions, and there are many competent attorneys who are able to handle the legal aspects of real estate ownership.

The Dominican Republic has become the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean and consistently ranks in the top 5 for all the Americas. This popularity has spawned significant infrastructure growth in many areas with improved roads, bridges, airports and cultural centers. Where Punta Cana and La Romana have grown rapidly in recent years, the north coast is feeling the beginnings of a new wave of interest by tourists and those wishing to stay for the longer term.

Indeed, there are many opportunities for quality real estate investment on the north coast.  Condo and villa communities are found in many desirable locations and residences are available in every budget niche. From compact, efficient studio apartments near the beach in stylish, hip Cabarete to luxury villas in exclusive, gated communities like Sea Horse Ranch, the menu of choices is rich and varied.

Best of all, an investor in a residential property will find that the demand for rental properties almost guarantees a substantial return on investment. And if the owner decides to stay awhile, they will find that an affordable luxury lifestyle is well within their reach. Easy to reach from North America and Europe, the north coast region is served through the Puerto Plata International Airport as well as the fine airport at Santiago, a larger nearby city with great shopping, modern medical and dental facilities, and access to the celebrated mountain towns of Jarabacoa and Constanza. As many visitors have found, this is a great place to live!

Dominican Republic RE

Luxury Oceanfront Villa

The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, analytics, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants, and Dignam with respect to pricing and the people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.

Dominican Republic Condo Market

Four compelling reasons to enter the Dominican Republic condo market this year!

Making any decision around buying real estate takes time and research. We understand the decision because we have been there. We often receive a wide variety of questions and queries around real estate buying and selling in general. However, one of the most common questions that often come to us is the value of buying condos in the Dominican Republic. Condos are a popular real estate choice in many areas of the world for reasons such as convenience and security. However, there are additional reasons that make buying a condo in the Dominican Republic a wise and solid investment.

Ocean One, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Pool at Ocean One in Cabarete

1. With a high rental market, a condo is a fabulous investment to be used as both a short or long term rental property.

The quality of condo renters in areas with high international visitors such as the Dominican Republic is reassuring. Short term renters are most often families and/or couples that are simply looking for a safe and relaxing vacation destination. Many of those same visitors enjoy returning to the community time and again. Long term renters (commonly considered to be three to six months +) are quite often working professionals who are location independent. Many of them are homeowners in their own countries and are simply looking for an extended stay in a vibrant and exciting location. For those investors who are still working but want to have some place to return to consistently, renting a condo provides great peace of mind and return on investment.

Penthouse For Sale, Sosua Dominican Republic

Roof Terrace of Penthouse

2. Beach Front property is desirable and a condo affords that opportunity with the peace of mind of security and safety.

Living on the beach is a romantic ideal, but for many homeowners, the reality is that they need to carefully consider safety – especially if they are not on site full time. Condo properties on the north coast have 24-hour security and many of them have numerous security personnel throughout the property, ensuring peace of mind for residents. In particular, the Sosua and Cabarete areas have great infrastructure. This includes everything from great road, excellent private health care, and a consistent law enforcement presence available 24-7. Condo ownership allows for worry free experience anywhere, especially in the Dominican Republic. Each condo development that Select Caribbean Properties works with has established, trustworthy security and property management professionals. They understand the interests and concerns of condo owners and have a long history of happy residents and owners.

Select Caribbean Properties client, Dominican Republic

Happy clients and Sabine from Select Caribbean Properties

3. The Dominican Republic has been repeatedly cited as a hot market for real estate in the Caribbean.

The reasons for this are numerous, but the most popular aspects that are being pointed out is that property is still at an affordable market value. With a strong tourism industry and strengthening the economy, the Dominican Republic is gaining popularity as the world is taking notice of the potential.

4. The Dominican government welcomes international investors.

In fact, they go beyond welcoming them. A foreign investment law acted in December 1995 allows unlimited foreign investment in nearly all sectors of the economy. In 1997 the government established the Office of Investment Promotion (OPI) which is proving to be an important contact for potential investors. Today, twenty years later, we are seeing the fruits of those decisions as Cabarete, Sosua, and the surrounding area is continuing to grow, prosper and enjoy the benefits of being a vibrant community filled with friendly and outgoing residents.

Do you want to be one of them? Contact us today to discover the potential of becoming a condo owner in the Dominican Republic.

Select Caribbean Properties Proud To Be A Member Of LeadingRE

Select Caribbean Properties, a well-known real estate company serving the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is proud to be a member of LeadingRE since 2015.

Select Caribbean Properties is privileged to be a member of LeadingRE (Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. ) It is a global network comprised of more than 500 of the best-known local and regional real estate firms, with 3,500 offices and 120,000 sales associates in the U.S. and nearly 50 other countries. Collectively, these firms produced $314 billion in sales in 2013, with over one million transactions, which is over $47 billion more than the closest network competitor


LeadingRe Worldwide Services

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is the largest network of residential real estate firms, and network affiliates are widely recognized as the premier providers of quality residential real estate and relocation services. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® also excels in the upper-end market.

LeadingRE provides its affiliates with an extensive range of brokerage services, which include lead generation, cross-market referrals, branding support, luxury marketing, online exposure, technology systems, and industry-leading professional development.

Sabine A. Mertes notes that selection as an affiliate of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® network represents another step in the development of the firm and its ability to provide real estate services in the area of Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Rio San Juan, Cabrera, Samana, and Jarabacoa.

About Select Caribbean Properties

For over a decade, Select Caribbean Properties has specialized in luxury real estate offerings in the Dominican Republic. This highly respected, Real Estate Company represents luxury villas, affordable homes and building lots in residential communities as well as condominiums, large development parcels, farms and commercial properties. In the last years, Select Caribbean Properties realized that the market was demanding affordable homes and we added a lot of options in this market field as well.

About Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) is the largest network of top independent local and regional brand-name brokerage firms in the residential sector of real estate. The 500+ firms affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) are represented by 3,500 offices and 120,000 associates in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Collectively, LeadingRE affiliates produced over 1 million home sales valued at $314 billion in 2013. In addition, LeadingRE affiliates hold the Number One position in terms of sales volume, transaction sides or both in more of the top U.S. markets than any other organization. Learn more at http://www.leadingre.com.

I am Local I am Global, Dominican Republic

LeadingRE Networking Worldwide

Real Estate and Relocation Services around the globe with Select Caribbean Properties

As an affiliate of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Select Caribbean Properties is proud to offer not only real estate services around the globe and in the Caribbean, but also relocation services.

No matter if you want to move to the Dominican Republic and sell your property back in the USA, Europe or elsewhere Select Caribbean Properties can provide all aspects of relocation services. With over 500 firms, 3.500 offices, 120.000 sales associates in 50 countries LeadingRE can help you find the right home all over the world.

Invest and life in the Dominican Republic

Relocation Services around the Globe

It’s time to say “hello” again

It’s time to say “hello” again to all of you, introducing myself, Sabine A. Mertes and Select Caribbean Properties.

Select Caribbean Properties which was founded in 2001. We offer all kinds of real estate from modest, tasteful homes in well-managed gated communities to large villas in the high-end projects. We list condominiums as well, of many, varied types.

Select Caribbean Properties - Dominican Republic

If you wish to own a farm Select Caribbean Properties lists dozens. Ranging in size from smaller properties perfect for a home and some medium to large, oceanfront or mountain farms with hundreds of acres suitable for ranching, agriculture, or residential/hotel development. The very best of all these real estate niches are to be found in the pages of the website www.selectcaribbean.com

Select Caribbean Properties has very good working relationships with lawyers, surveyors, and town officials.

We can recommend architects and builders and suppliers of everything needed to create a home in this tropical paradise. We can even arrange to get your new farm fenced for horses while arranging that the grass of the farm’s pastures is optimized for them. In short, Select Caribbean Properties stands head and shoulders above most real estate companies in the area. The reasons are simple: honesty, a dedication to quality, and the desire to see each client satisfied with their purchase or sale.

Real Estate Company, Dominican Republic

The Name You Trust

My absolute passion is my horses.

I am living in the Dominican Republic since 1992 and I am still very happy on this beautiful island. I am enjoying the sun, the blue sky and the wonderful Atlantic ocean on the north shore every day. Life is different here. Outdoor activities are available the whole year like surfing, kite surfing, sailing, snorkeling, golfing, horseback riding, rafting etc. All this makes this place very special.

I rescued a few of them and gave them a new home in the pasture of the Sea Horse Ranch Equestrian Center. I am not just interested in riding horses. My goal is to understand them and to listen to them. They have lots of stories to tell and you can learn a lot from them.

The most important thing for me is that their hooves are in perfect condition. A very good friend of mine who lives now in California taught me how to trim the horse’s hooves. The best example for a healthy hoof is the one of a “Wild Mustang”.

Select Caribbean Properties - Dominican Republic

Riding On The Beach

If you like to get more info about healthy hooves and happy horses, please look at Paige Poss website who was visiting us this Spring 2013 in the Dominican Republic to teach us more about this wonderful animal. http://www.ironfreehoof.com/ 

Select Caribbean Properties - Dominican Republic


Riding Magnum On The Beach



Real Estate Magazine Displays Dominican Republic Properties

“World is Magnifique”, a new real estate magazine produced by RealtyGoldWorld, is presenting Select Caribbean Properties with real estate properties such as villas, homes, condominiums, farms, land and businesses in the Dominican Republic.

World Magnifique

World is Magnifique

“World is Magnifique”, a new real estate magazine produced by RealtyGoldWorld, introduces real estate professionals from around the world and highlights news and activities from selected real estate markets and in this magazine especially from the Dominican Republic. Based in Europe, and aimed primarily at the European market, the magazine showcases properties such as villas, condos, farms, land homes, plots, businesses for sale while striving to put real estate professionals together with discerning international real estate clients.

Read the magazine “World is Magnifique”  above. In it, Select Caribbean Properties is prominently displayed. Sabine Mertes, the company principal, is interviewed about current trends in both luxury and affordable real estate in the north coast region of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Real Estate

Select Caribbean Properties

As you have seen, the varied selection of real estate offerings featured in the article about Select Caribbean Properties reveals the range and extent of properties listed by our long-established real estate company. Select Caribbean Properties welcomes the opportunities available as a result of this coverage, and we are grateful to Tanino Mario for his production of the piece. We are confident that new partnerships will occur with other real estate companies from around the world and look forward to contact from direct buyers in many countries whose goal is to vacation, invest or live in the spectacular Caribbean paradise that is the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

We are confident that new partnerships will occur with other real estate companies from around the world and look forward to contacting from direct buyers in many countries whose goal is to vacation, invest or live in the spectacular Caribbean paradise that is the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Real Estate Relocation Exchange

Meeting with Real Estate Relocation Exchange Directors in New York City

Relo Direct LOGO

Real Estate Relocation Exchange

Sabine from Select Caribbean Properties just experienced an exciting, informative business week in New York City, meeting with real estate relocation exchange directors of three notable real estate firms: Brown Harris Stevens, Halstead Properties, and Stribling & Associates.

The goal was to introduce Select Caribbean Properties’ inventory of luxury residential real estate in the finer gated communities of the Dominican Republic’s beautiful north coast.

For New Yorkers interested in luxury home resale villas in gated residential communities in the Cabarete and Sosua areas, prices tend to start at US$ 1 million and rise from there.  

Another distinct market exists of second home buyers interested in the purchase of a residence to be used as an income-producing property. Many of these homes, priced between US$250,000 and US$500,000 will enter the thriving rental market, both long and short term.

Furthermore, Select Caribbean Properties is able to assist persons buying or selling properties anywhere in the world and offering many related services, including real estate assistance, destination orientation and more…

If you have a property in New York City for sale or if you wish to buy one there, contact us today. As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and through Relo Direct we will assist you.

For Sabine, it was a real pleasure to get to know her business colleagues, all members, like her, of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.  She looks forward to seeing them all again at the LEADINGRE PERFORMANCE SUMMIT to be held February 22-26, 2016, in Miami.